Police Officer Uses His Kayak To Save A Drowning Dog

Dogs are usually pretty good swimmers. Whenever we take them somewhere near water, they are usually happy to jump in and splash around. But just because swimming is a pursuit that comes naturally to dogs doesn’t mean that they can’t get into trouble. 

When one grey boxer and mastiff mix was playing around in her local pond, she found herself in a bit of a sticky situation. The pooch, who was named Akela, had gotten out from her home and ended up stuck in some very muddy water. The dog’s head was still above water, but not by much. She was neck deep and struggling to keep herself from sinking further into the muck. Someone noticed that the dog was stuck, and ended up calling for help.

Police officers showed up to respond to the call about the dog in distress. Officer John Kuligowski managed to find a kayak. Chief Thomas Cicerelle and fellow officer Dallas Overko gave Officer Kuligoski a hand in getting out to the dog. The teamwork paid off and they brought Akela back to the safety of the shore. 

Despite all she went through, Akela was a pretty happy pup when she was handed over to the Animal Control Solutions. Unfortunately, Akela has been unable to be reunited with her owners as Animal Control has been unable to locate them. They have revealed that the pooch was picked up around the area of Brass Castle Rd and Jonestown Rd. Animal Control has stated that they can be reached through the number 908-722-1271 or through the Washington Township Police. 

Watch Akela’s rescue below:


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