Proud Mama Takes Photos With Her Adorable Dachshund Puppies

Becoming a mom is a big moment across the animal kingdom. Humans often like the document their momentous experiences of motherhood with photoshoots. And roped into the tradition are our pets. There are plenty of photos or videos online that are cute beyond words as they feature maternity shoots specifically for dogs. 

And while doggie maternity shoots are precious, the post-maternity shoots that feature a new mom and her puppies are equally as adorable. And one newly formed Dachshund family was photographed, giving us a beautiful insight into the love that a dog mom has for her pups. It’s truly heart-warming to witness a new dog mom shower he puppies with affection. 

It all started with one Dachshund mom-to-be who was expecting a litter of six. The sweet pup had a wonderful little maternity shoot of her own. The mom was photographed in an initial maternal photoshoot was a wonderful picture that featured the expectant mother wearing a flower crown and a flowing white robe. The cute picture could only be beaten by a family portrait. 

And that is exactly what happened. After the proud mom had her babies, another photoshoot was in the works. But this one was even cuter given that the mom had her babies to feature in the picture with her. And if baby Dachshunds weren’t enough of a reason to smile, it was about to get better. These little newborn pups were dressed up for the photoshoot occasion in precious little handmade baby bonnets, thanks to BabybyBecca.

The family photoshoot was a wonderful affair. The mama doted over her pups and they got some wonderful shots. The babies were the cutest part of the photoshoot, and they made their mother quite proud. In one of the photos, they were lined up together into an adorable row as they napped in their different colored caps. Too cute! And the pride in their mom’s face was quite evident in the follow-up picture where she was standing next to her row of puppies. She looked so happy to be a mom. It was quite a tender picture. 

We can’t get over the cuteness of this family photoshoot. Would you do something similar with your dogs? Let us know!

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