Pug Going To The Vet Is The Weirdest Thing You’ll See Today

We all know the importance of taking our pets regularly to the vets in order to make sure they get their clean bills of health. Normally, these visits are uneventful and you’re relieved to walk out with your pet, who has been declared healthy, and you’re able to resume life as normal.

However, for one pug, their vet visit took an interesting turn.

The pug was scheduled to undergo a coronal scan, something entirely routine, however, the results were terrifying, to say the least – but not the way one would think.


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My friend’s pug went to the vet

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The photo was taken by a friend of the comedian Andy Richter, who then put it up on social media for the rest of the internet to see.

People reacted on social media, with one person claiming, “Some things you just can’t unsee.”

Another person added the comment, “Amazing. Pugs may be the only creature to look exactly the same in X-Ray as in visible light.”

Pugs are known to suffer from a lot of health complications such as eyeball prolapse, skin fold dermatitis, hip dysplasia, demodectic mange, necrotizing meningoencephalitis, and hemivertebrae. Luckily for this little pug, Andy followed up that this particular trip to the vet went well and the pug is healthy. So now the dog can just soak up all the internet fame they’ve achieved.

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