Pug Takes ‘Revenge Poops’ On His Owner’s Favorite Things When He Feels Wronged

Dogs are great. They make fantastic and loyal companions. If you live alone, you’re never really alone if you are lucky enough to own a dog. However, we sometimes forget that our little furbabies have their own personalities. They are able to feel the same things as us – something that we’re reminded of every so often when they feel we’ve wronged them.

In fact, there are some dogs out there who will actively let you know when they feel slighted by you, and might take it out on your favorite possessions. One woman in the US has come forward to reveal that her pug tends to have a habit of pooping on her items at home when he feels he’s been wronged.

Photo: Mercury Press  / Unilad

Kentucky-based Holly Munoz, claims her seven-year-old pug Frank – who is completely house trained – likes to get his revenge by pooping on her prize possessions.

The 40-year-old dog Munoz first discovered Frank’s vengeful habits after coming home from vacation last year only to find a poo waiting for her on her pillow.

Munoz felt that he was doing it in protest of having been left with a dog sitter, and she was right. Since then, Frank has gone on to do his dirty business 15 times – his revenge turds ending up in her make up bags, inside her shoes, and on top of a box of crackers!

Photo: Mercury Press  / Unilad

She said, “You name it, Frank’s pooed on it. He has incredible aim. He definitely does it on purpose, he wants to make sure we know he’s angry. One time, I came back from a trip and he had pooed on my crackers and in my makeup bag. He’s an angry pooer. If we go on vacation then he will poo on something.”

She added, “My son, Oliver, is his favorite person, they sleep together and they’re attached at the hip – so when he went to a sleepover Frank was annoyed and he pooed in my shoe. I’ll probably spend the next seven years finding and cleaning up his angry poos.”

Thankfully, their close bond hasn’t been soiled by Frank’s habit of revenge soiling.

Munoz said, “I picked him out of a whole litter and made him a part of our family, and you can’t un-family someone just because they poo in your shoe. We have three other dogs but we know it’s him every time. He doesn’t even have a guilt face, there’s no shame at all.”

Photo: Mercury Press  / Unilad

She continued, “We foster dogs and we think he’ll do it if he feels slighted or because he wants more attention. But I still love him. He is the most loving dog. He loves the kids and every time they aren’t here he’s beside himself.”

What do you think of Frank’s chosen method of protest?

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