Puppy Born With Deformed Legs Learns To Walk

Sometimes life doesn’t always treat us fairly and it gives us the short end of the stick. However, despite whatever challenges we may face in our lives, we should definitely try our best to approach them with the same optimism as our animals. There is no denying that animals are quite resilient when facing obstacles in their lives and they don’t let themselves get defeated. It’s actually quite uplifting to see how animals cope with personal challenges, like one adorable puppy who showed no signs of letting himself be slowed down by his struggles.

Duke was the subject of a very inspiring video captured by Kristen Light. Light was a volunteer with the animal rescue, Little Paws of Love. They managed to pluck Duke from the Broward County Animal Care and Adoption facility in West Palm Beach, Florida. 

Despite the fact that Duke faced life with a handicap, there was no denying the little dog had a determined spirit about him. The rescue was able to teach Duke to walk thanks to volunteers’ time as well as donations to the rescue. While it took some time, Duke didn’t give up.

And finally, there was a wonderful moment when the little pup was able to show off all his progress. While it was a very short stroll down a hallway, it was still a very big accomplishment!

This video is definitely a great example of determination and persistence to get through whatever curveballs life might send your way. Watch Duke’s amazing steps forward in the video below:

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