Puppy Doesn’t Move A Muscle So He Doesn’t Wake The Sleeping Kittens

Pop culture movies and TV shows love to pit dogs and cats against one another and make it seem like they’re mortal enemies. But if we’re pet owners who’ve owned both cats and dogs at the same time, we know that they can actually be the best of friends. They don’t always fight like depicted in the movies, but rather form a sort of adorable understanding with one another. I grew up with both cats and a dog under the same roof. They all got along quite well. In fact, it was my dog who treated our cats like they were her own children. And our cats were cats. They ruled the roost and occasionally liked to snuggle up to my dog.

The cute thing about dogs and cats is that even though the cats will often be bullies, they also have a very soft and caring side that they share with their canine companions. We usually see this softer side of cats when they decide to nap with their canine buddies. There are so many adorable videos gracing the internet that show how well dogs and cats can get along with one another. And this particular video has not been a letdown in terms of the cuteness. 

In the video, it’s nap time in one household. And that meant that the resident dog gets to chill with the three kittens that he lives with. The preciousness of the video is too much to handle. The pooch is a small dog, and he’s only slightly bigger than the three kittens beside him. The four of them are splayed out on their backs. 

While the kittens are fast asleep, the dog is wide awake. He’s just lying on his back with his eyes open as he’s lying beside the kittens. The adorable factor is that he doesn’t want to disturb them! The way that dogs can be so caring and considerate towards others, including other animals, is just heartwarming. It’s little things like this that make us love dogs even more!

Watch the cute video of the foursome down below:

What do you think of the clip? Have you ever seen anything so adorable? Let us know!

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