Puppy Gets Into A ‘Fight’ With A Tiny Pumpkin

Puppies are the absolute best thing ever! We love everything about them. We love their energy, their curiosity, their sweet personalities – I could just gush for hours about the wonders that are puppies. And each different dog breed is equally as adorable when they’re little, with their large ears that they need to grow into, and cute little chubby bellies. Puppies are the definition of happiness. It’s impossible to be sad or upset when you’re exposed to a puppy – especially when they get up to their silly antics. 

Now that we’re coming to the end of September, most of us are probably looking forward to digging out all our Halloween decorations and going bananas. Sometimes our dogs will join us for this. Whenever my mom and I would put out our Halloween decorations, our dog would lounge in the front yard with us, watching intently while we covered the bushes in fake spider webs and lined up pumpkins on the porch steps. She was an adult dog so she didn’t really have the desire to do anything except chill. Of course, if you’re decorating for Halloween with a puppy around, things might get a little bit hectic.

And that is precisely what happened when Maya, a Corgi puppy, discovered some Halloween decorations. The little puppy was joining her owner while they were decorating. And everything was a new sight for the little pup. Maya was all excited to see the decorations, but she was particularly intrigued by the pumpkins. Since Maya had never seen a pumpkin before, she wasn’t quite sure what to do with this strange new sight. The pumpkin seemed to be more of a threat, so Maya decided to be brave and confront the scary gourd. But she does it in the most adorable way possible. 

Little Maya goes on the defensive and nips at the pumpkin as well as rushing it a few times as though she’s going to fully attack. But of course, she loses her nerve a few times. Her owner couldn’t help but pull out the camera to catch it all – and we are so glad that they did. The footage is just too cute!

Watch it below:

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