puppy in mudPuppy Goes Viral For Rolling Around In The Mud And Chasing Her Owner

Puppies are notoriously as mischievous as they are cute. Perhaps that is why they are so naughty sometimes – they know that we will melt at their antics because we can’t resist how precious they are.

And one adorable little bulldog puppy, Rose, made the internet smile after her owner caught her on camera playing in a mud puddle – completely happy as a clam. While the content of the video itself was irresistibly cute, it was the end that really made the clip what it was.

Photo: Twitter/Sash

Rose’s owner’s niece, Sarah, uploaded the video of the puppy’s mud play to her Twitter account, writing, “My aunt got a new puppy and sent us this video and I think I’ve watched it approximately 37 times.”

And, after watching it, it is easy to understand why the video was viewed as many times as it was. In the footage, little Rose buries her face in the mud, then looks up in the direction of her owner, with the classic big eyes that all puppies have mastered to pull at our heartstrings.

Her owner gently coaxes Rose to give up on the mud, which she eventually does. However, what her owner forgot was that the house’s back door was open.

The owner called to Rose to stop, but, being a puppy, she did not heed her owner’s warning. The little pup happily goes inside amid her owner’s panicked cries.

Yeah, all that mud? We’d be screaming too.

That ending was hilarious, and as soon as Sarah uploaded her aunt’s video, social media wanted more. They even asked for a follow-up. Thankfully for the Twitterverse, Rose’s owner had already gotten on Twitter and was able to provide them the content they wanted, which was the “aftermath” of Rose’s mud bath.

Rose’s little muddy paw prints were tracked all over the tile in the kitchen, as well as the carpet.

Photo: Twitter/Sash

Of course, this adorable little pup didn’t seem to be bothered at all.

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