Puppy Is Overjoyed When She Goes Shopping With Her Mom

Retail therapy. It will bring a smile to anyone’s face, especially Zira. Zira is an adorable little Pembroke Corgi and an Aussie mixed puppy who was captured in her local Target with the most enthusiastic facial expression. It’s what we all must look like on the inside when we step into our favorite shop.

Photo: Twitter / VirgoPrincxss

The little 5-month-old puppy was captured on camera with the biggest smile on her face as she sat in a shopping cart.

Photo: Twitter / VirgoPrincxss

Jesse, Zira’s owner, told Reshareworthy.com, “We had taken her to Target one time before the viral posts, but she was so tired she just slept the whole time—so that was the first time she really got to see everything and meet shoppers.”

While most people who responded to the pictures with pure positivity, there were other dog owners who were critical. They pointed out that Target is only friendly to service animals, so Zira’s presence at Target could potentially make things difficult for service dogs and their owners.

Photo: Twitter / VirgoPrincxss

After Jesse realized the mistake, she apologies to those on social media. Now, she works to spread awareness regarding service dog safety and pet-friendly stores. Jesse is now sure to call ahead and confirm whether or not a store allows dogs – and she encourages other dog owners to do the same.

As you can see through a recent trip to PetSmart, Zira is still a big fan of retail therapy.

Photo: Twitter / VirgoPrincxss

Jesse said, “We have taken her to PetSmart several times since we got her — she was actually there the first day we brought her home. She was shy at first, but now she perks up and gets excited whenever we’re near PetSmart because she knows the smell!”

Photo: Twitter / VirgoPrincxss

The pair have also stopped by Home Depot as well. Anywhere they go, Zira shows that she’s always up for an adventure with Jesse.

Photo: Twitter / VirgoPrincxss

Jesse said, “She’s always excited to go in the car with us. She loves adventures and shopping.”

Photo: Twitter / VirgoPrincxss

She added, “She wants to meet all the shoppers and employees wherever she’s at! We love that she’s so friendly.”

You can follow more of Zira’s adventures on her Instagram, as well as her Facebook page.

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