Puppy Tries His Best To Reclaim His Bed From The Cat

Cats are notorious thieves when it comes to dog beds. No matter how many cozy beds of their own they have, or how much money you invest in fuzzy blankets or napping pads you get them, your dog’s bed will always hold the ultimate level of comfort to them. And, that means that your poor dog will constantly be suffering a coup d’etat in terms of constantly getting ousted from their doggie bed.

For the most part, our dogs will take it lying down and won’t protest. However, every once in a while, they will get tired of having to give up their space to the cat. And that is when things get interested. Most of the time, it makes for hilarious videos just like the one below.

In the video an adorable little French Bulldog pup, 10-week-old Pixel, decided that enough was enough. The little puppy was thrown out of his cozy bed by the cat. Cats sometimes have too much attitude for their own good. But Pixel doesn’t want to share his bed, so he puts up a fuss. And we are living for it.

The little Frenchie first tries to get the cat out of his bed by raising a couple paws at the cat. When that doesn’t work, the little dog begins to tug at his own bed, trying to make the cat leave. Of course, the cat just continues to sit in the bed and stare at the little pup with a look of contempt.

Clearly, this cat is thinking some choice words about Pixel, but we’re proud that the little puppy was taking a stand for himself. The dog continues his campaign to take his bed back, but the cat is certainly putting up a fight. No matter how much the little pup tugs and drags his bed, the cat does not want to budge. She has staked her claim and she’s not giving up!

In fact, the cat at one point actually curls up and lays down in the bed – further trying to let Pixel know that it’s a lost cause. And while it probably is a lost cause, the title Frenchie isn’t giving up that easily. Hopefully the cat will eventually relent and give back Pixel’s bed.

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