Quadriplegic Dog Proves Vets Wrong After Mom Was Told ‘He Will Never Be Able To Walk Again’

Life can be a challenge at times. Even our pets don’t always escape the daunting task that is sometimes called life. But, if you’re in need of a little positive motivation, let’s take a look back at the miracle that was the Springer Spaniel named Sammi.

Back in 2008, Sammi was an 8-year-old dog who was still quite active. However, one day, he suddenly became a quadriplegic. Baffled, the vets ran some tests and soon it was discovered that Sammi had bone growing inside his spinal column. This growth caused Sammi to be unable to walk or even lift his head.

Sammi underwent surgery, however, the vets were unable to fix the issue. This left Sammi with a very bleak long-term prognosis. Unwilling to admit defeat, his owners, Janie and Steve, decided to seek other options. In hopes of helping their dog gain back some of his mobility, they took Sammi to a special rehabilitation center.

While there, Sammi spent three months undergoing intensive daily rehabilitation. Eventually, the brave boy managed to re-learn how to walk, and one day he managed to even stand up.

Sammi was the perfect example of fortitude and determination, and his hard work paid off. He was able to show his owners just how far he’d come.

You can see the beautiful moment in the video below where Janie saw her Sammi walking again for the first time.

It still brings back all the tears:

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