Recycling Boxes Provide Food For Homeless Animals Each Time A Bottle Is Deposited

Everyone should be recycling. But imagine if you could see the benefits of your recycling happen right before your eyes. That would be pretty cool, right?

Photo: pugedon

Well, there is a Turkish company called Pugedon, which has come up with an ingenious way of getting people excited about recycling by providing them with a way to help the stray animals in their community.

Photo: pugedon

They recently introduced a vending machine that allows people to release food for the city’s stray cat and dog population by recycling a plastic bottle. This means that every time a person deposits a plastic bottle, food is released for the animals. The vending machine also has a nook where people can empty out their water bottles for the animals as well before they recycle them.

Photo: pugedon

Absolutely amazing!

Photo: pugedon

And that’s not even the best part – there is absolutely no charge, as both the people and the city don’t have to pay a thing because the recycled plastic items are the currency. The company is the one taking on the financial investment, which in turn is doing so much good for the community. Not only is it providing a steady source of food and water for the stray animals – many of whom rely on strangers’ kindness – but it’s also creating a sense of community as it encourages people to get into the good habit of recycling in order to help us preserve our environment for the following generations.

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