Reese Witherspoon Mourns The Loss Of Her Beloved French Bulldog

Dogs mean so much to us. When they come into our lives they always change it for the better. And when they pass on from this world, it’s always a devastating blow. There is no replacing them. They are family. And recently Reese Witherspoon shared the sad news that her beloved pooch had passed away. Witherspoon isn’t just an actress, producer, and designer, but she’s also a proud mom and a self-proclaimed “dog mom.” In the past, she’s been quite open about how much her pooches mean to her. Unfortunately, the actress posted on her social media about the loss of Pepper, her previous French bulldog. Pepper had been battling cancer, however, she didn’t survive. 

On her Instagram, Witherspoon shared a picture of the late Pepper, along with a very touching tribute that read, “Our sweet Pepper passed away yesterday. My goodness, she was such a loyal and devoted family member.”

Witherspoon added that she was quite heartbroken by the loss, but that she felt eternal gratitude towards Pepper for all the years of loyalty, love, and enjoyment that she brought to Witherspoon’s family. The beloved pooch might not have been around long, only having joined the family back in 2016, but the years that she spent with Witherspoon were nothing short of lovely. As the actress added in her tribute, “Now she’s in dog heaven where all great pets go. Chasing tennis balls, running through open fields of wild flowers and being the Queen that she is.”

Reese wasn’t the only one in her family who was saddened by the loss and was posting a tribute to the family pup as well. As reported by Us Weekly, Witherspoon’s 21-year-old daughter Ava, wrote on her social media, “Today is a tough day. Just when we thought she was getting better, things took a turn for the worst, and she passed peacefully, surrounded by those who love her.”

Ava went on to describe Pepper in a positive light, remarking that she was “smart and sassy.” She also added that the little pup was a sweetheart with her fellow dog companions, which were Hank and Lou. Ava stated that Pepper was “simply the best.” She thought of her dog as next to perfect. She added that the Pepper always had a way of making her feel loved – something that dogs are good at. Ava stated, “This girl got me through so many tough times, including some of my teenage years, and I am forever grateful for our bond!”

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