Rescue Blind Dog Feels Snow For The First Time

We’ve seen plenty of videos that show dogs’ reaction to snow. There are lots of footage showing dogs being silly in the snow. I personally love watching the videos of the dogs that are really tiny and get lost in snowdrifts. There are lots of funny videos of dogs out in the snow. But there is one video that is actually quite touching to watch as it shows a golden retriever’s first time in the snow…What makes it special is that the sweet pooch was blind. 

Smiley was a golden retriever that was born with a form of dwarfism. But that isn’t his only handicap. Smiley was also born without eyes, making him blind. However, despite his blindness, his personality has not been affected. The sweet pooch is a very loving and happy pup who loves to meet new people. His disability has not stopped him from thriving – he even managed to become a therapy dog.

Source: Youtube

Smiley was rescued from a neglectful situation at a puppy farm in Ontario, Canada when he was two years old. Despite all the trauma that he’d been through he was still quite vivacious and had a complete zest for life. It was this kind of infectious joy that led his owner, a veterinarian named Joanne George, to choose his name. Smiley lived a full life that was filled with love – something that he spread to everyone that he met. 

Unfortunately at the age of 15, Smiley lost a short battle with cancer and passed away. During his life, he had brought a lot of happiness to hundreds of people during his work as a therapy dog – a job that saw him going on visits to hospitals, nursing homes, and schools. His origin story served as an inspiration to many. 

Source: Youtube

However, following his passing, Smiley still managed to bring a smile to many people from the great beyond. Joanne had decided to share a video of Smiley going out into the snow for the very first time. In the video, the elderly Smiley was filmed stepping out into snow and getting to have his fun. 

You can totally see why it was such a popular video:

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