Rescue Dog Becomes Best Friends With Smiley Fox

Who remembers growing up with the Disney film, “The Fox and the Hound”? The charming kids’ movie always used to make me cry whenever Todd and Cooper end up saying goodbye to one another and briefly have their friendship divided because of certain prejudices. However, it was still a great movie to watch because it was a great example of how dogs and foxes can get along and become the best of friends. Everyone who has ever had a dog knows that they can get along with any kind of animal. Dogs are quite friendly and caring, so the possibility of them befriending a fox in real life comes as no surprise to many of us. 

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Squad up 👅

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In a real-life twist on “The Fox and the Hound,” one Australian Shepherd and Malamute mix named Moose, has adopted a little fox named Juniper. This adorable friendship blossomed when the animals’ owner ended up rescuing Juniper. Moose took an instant liking to the fox when she was brought home. Even though this adorable friendship has many online fans, their owner does caution other people about taking in foxes as pets. Apparently there are some drawbacks to keeping foxes in your home. She pointed out that these adorable little animals can be quite smelly and stubborn – they are much more high-maintenance than their canine counterparts. 

As she explained, “Foxes are not like dogs. While they may display some characteristics similar to dogs these animals have not been bred to want to please people, while dogs on the other hand have.”

Regardless of these differences, it would seem that Juniper is quite keen on keeping her buddy Moose happy. The two of them have a very special bond. The two have been friends since Juniper was a little kit. The perhaps explains why Juniper is so attached to Moose, and also why she’s quite comfortable around dogs in general. But surprisingly, the feeling is not mutual outside of Moose. Juniper’s owner shared, “Juniper LOVES dogs, but most dogs do not love Juniper. In fact, most dogs become stressed and uncomfortable around foxes.”

Apparently, this discomfort can be chalked up to a difference in body language. Juniper’s owner explained that the reason most dogs aren’t too keen about spending time with the little fox because they can’t quite read her. Fair enough. Juniper’s owner also added that the little fox loves to make direct eye contact for extended periods of time – and we all know how dogs take prolonged eye contact as a challenge. 

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Cuddle sesh?

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But Moose doesn’t care about any of the different quirks that his fox sister might have. He adores her just as she is. The two of them play together, nap together, and just generally spend their time in each other’s company. We should all be so lucky to have a best friend that loves us exactly for who we are. This fox and dog pairing just melts our hearts. No doubt they’ll be besties for years to come!

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