Rescue Dog Breaks All The Rules While Running Agility Course In Dog Show

Watching dogs compete in agility courses is pretty fun. And one dog in particular, Kratu, has developed somewhat of a cult following for his unique style when it comes to completing an agility course. Every year, the adorable rescue pup takes part in the agility course of the Crufts dog show in England. He never takes home any ribbons, but he does provide the crowd with plenty of laughs and entertainments – and that is way better than winning prizes.

This year, right on schedule, Kratu was there to compete. However, his owner made the announcement that this would be his final run as he’d be retiring. For Kratu’s final course run, he didn’t disappoint. He still excelled magnificently in his unique own fashion – much to the delight of the crowd.

Screen Shot: YouTube/Crufts

Since Kratu is a rescue, his origins aren’t entirely known, although it is believed that he’s a Carpathian-Mioritic mix. And this unique little boy still does things his own way. Rather than doing “fancy jumps,” he ran around – particularly enjoying running through tunnels in both directions. Kratu also followed his nose the whole time rather than sticking to the set pattern – something that was really fun to watch for the crowd.

Screen Shot: YouTube/Crufts

During his final run, Kratu stuck to some of his classic moves, such as “hiding” in tunnels. But he did add a new routine to his set. The plucky dog grabbed one of the jumping poles in his mouth and ran off with it. It delighted the crowd so much that one of the announcers joked, “Now that’s definitely against the rules.”

The crowd went wild with laughter. Another one of the announcers lovingly called the joyful canine an “absolute rascal”. While all the rules were broken and no points were gained, Kratu proved that he had an absolute blast – and that’s all that matters.

Screen Shot: YouTube/Crufts

Twitter posted a video of his final escapade, with the caption, “And I did it my way.” It has been viewed more than 1.3 million times.

People had a lot to say, with one person commenting, “Hope they let you take the big stick home as a souvenir. You are definitely my Best in Show.” Another wrote, “That sweet face just cracks me up – looks like Kratu has a blast and made sure everyone else did too!”

Even though it was his final time competing, he went out with a bang!

Watch the video below:

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