Rescue Dog Freaks Out Whenever His Dad Even Mentions The Word ‘Beach’

Our dogs are pretty smart. We’ve probably managed to train our pets to understand certain words or phrases. It’s safe to assume that most of our dogs understand words like “walk,” or “food,” but there are other words that they know as well. In our home, we had to spell out words like “vet” or “bath” in order to avoid negative reactions from my dog. But for one Staffy named Dennis, his reaction to “beach” always has very positive reactions from the pup. 

Every time his owners tell the pup, “beach,” his reaction is pure joy. The Staffy lets out a very interesting and unique little squeal of delight. It’s part of the dog’s very colorful personality – the same quirky personality that first made his owners, Drew and Carly, show an interest in him while at the animal shelter. 

As Drew shared, he can’t say the word without Dennis going completely nuts and thinking that they’re going for a day in his favorite place. “I can’t even say the word out loud because he gets so excited and throws a complete tantrum,” Drew said to The Dodo.

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Fortunately for Dennis, the journey to the beach is never a long one since the family only lives a short 5-minute drive down the road. Drew has shared that even if they don’t say the magic word, whenever Dennis recognizes the street that they’re on, he will begin his squeals of happiness. 

But the beach isn’t the only thing that this happy pup gets excited for. He also loves his mealtimes and has been known to get chatty when he wants to ask for food. In fact, the Staffy is known to be pretty vocal on a regular basis. Dennis has got so much personality, that Drew has even set him up with his own Instagram account – a page which already has 44k followers!

Check out Dennis’s reaction to “beach” in the adorable video below:

How do your dogs react to certain words? Let us know!

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