Rescue Dog Lies On Adopted Dad’s Shoulder Knowing Everything Was Going To Be Okay

Sometimes we don’t choose our pets, sometimes they choose us. These kinds of moments can only be described as magical moments that are a result of stars aligning – right place, right time. When one man, Anand Raman went to visit his sister at work, he had no idea that he would be walking away with a dog of his own. But during that warm day in Dubai, that is exactly what transpired when Raman discovered a homeless dog trying to take refuge from the heat beneath a parked car. When Raman and the dog both made eye contact, that was it. The dog came out from underneath the car, furiously wagging his tail in joy to see someone. Raman quickly noticed that the dog’s run had something strange to it – his legs were doing something funny. Regardless of the strange movements, Raman was immediately taken by the pup. He spent a while petting the dog.

Raman picked up the dog and carried him back to the car with the intent to take him to the vet. That is when the poor dog fell asleep in the man’s arms, clearly quite comfortable that he’d been rescued by his person. After getting to the vet’s office, it was revealed that the reason the little pooch had a funny walk, was because he was suffering from rickets due to being malnourished. Thankfully for the dog, the condition was completely treatable and would have no long-term effect. 

Raman was already enamored with the little pup who’d wandered into his life. He decided to take him home as his own. While at home, one of the first things that Raman did was give his new dog a bath. He was in for a surprise since, after the bath, it turned out that the dog was actually all white. He’d been so dirty from living on the streets that Raman had no idea that the dog was actually white when he rescued him. His fresh new look actually led Raman to pick out the perfect name for him. The man ended up naming him Snowy, after the dog that appeared in “The Adventures of Tintin.”

Raman and his new pup Snowy might have been meant to be, but it took a little while for the pair to find their groove. Snowy took a little time adjusting to life in a loving home environment, clearly still so traumatized by life on the streets. The little pooch wasn’t quite sure what to do with himself indoors. But at the same time, whenever the two went for walks, the dog worried about getting left behind outside. Eventually Snowy figured it out that he’d landed in the lap of luxury and would not be having to return to the streets any time. And these two ended up becoming quite the pair. 

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