Rescue Dog Loves To Jump Into Puddles Whenever He Finds One

We all remember being kids and getting super excited every time it rained because that meant there’d be puddles to splash around in. While we might have enjoyed puddles as children, we eventually outgrew them and the joy they’d bring us. Dogs, on the other hand, do not. Much to our chagrin, most of our pups will always happily charge towards a puddle whenever they find one, and Stevie is no different.

Stevie is a Labrador Retriever who is living with special needs. He suffers from a neurological condition known as cerebellar hypoplasia. While it doesn’t cause him any physical discomfort, the condition impacts his coordination and balance. Despite his neurological issue, Stevie is still full of joy and a zest for life. The thing that he enjoys most are puddles. 

His owner, Jane Cornelius, first uncovered the pup’s love for puddles shortly after adopting him. When she brought him home the first thing that he did while in the backyard was to jump straight into a puddle. But the charming thing was that the pooch performed a happy dance just before his big splash. It just emphasized how much be enjoyed getting down and dirty outdoors. And since, he has not stopped splashing in puddles.

Stevie’s joy for the little things in life is definitely a good lesson for the rest of us – we should never let our troubles get in the way of enjoying what makes us happy. And while this pooch might be all about that puddle life, he actually doesn’t really like the rain. How ironic, right?

Besides playing in puddles, Stevie also enjoys playtime with Ducky, his favorite toy. But perhaps most of all, he also loves his owner and always follows her around, hoping she’ll give him some snacks. 

The proud owner posted on social media, “Remember, different, not less. In fact, where some may say CH is a disability, I see it as Stevie’s superpower. His adorable tippy taps and love of puddles have brought smiles to thousands if not millions over the past couple of weeks, and that’s pretty special.” 

Jane hopes that Stevie can help influence other people to take a chance and open their hearts and homes up to dogs with special needs. She also hopes that Stevie can be an ambassador for other dogs living with cerebellar hypoplasia by bringing awareness to the neurological condition through his Facebook and Instagram.

Watch the jubilant Stevie play in puddles down below:

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