Rescue Dog Used To Be Afraid Of Everybody Until She Met Her New Baby Brother

Homes that are bursting at the seams have no shortage of love beneath their roofs. The home of Elizabeth Spence is no exception – with three kids, two dogs, and three cats, there is a lot of love to go around. Elizabeth has always liked to track her family’s everyday adventures by taking lots of pictures. But when her third child, Archie, was born and she captured some sweet photos of him napping with her dog Nora, that is when the Internet had a meltdown over the charm of the two of them together.

The 8-year-old Nora is an English pointer. Prior to her happy life with Elizabeth and her family, she grew up in squalid conditions in a puppy mill. Her life didn’t truly start until she was 1-year-old and was rescued by the Spence family.

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Archie, Nora and their new friends, Catalina Mouse and Gwendolyn Racoon ❤️ #whpfriendshipis #nappingwithnora . I don't normally do back-to-back napping shots, but we just got these gorgeous dolls from @hazelvillage and we're ALL madly in love (my husband @aporius too!). Too cute to hold this shot back even one minute more! . Like the dolls' clothing? @hazelvillage has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new kids' and corresponding dolls' wear line. ( I REALLY want the green Elf jacket for Archie, so make sure you pledge! 😜) #hazelvillage . Looking to adopt a rescue in the Los Angeles, California area? Check out @hopeforpawsrescue for a list of some available animals! #adoptdontshop #rescuedog

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When Nora first arrived at the Spence home, it was clear that the puppy mill experience had left her traumatized. She was frightened of nearly everything. However, through love and kindness, the Spence family managed to get through to Nora. Now, she’s a dog that loves unconditionally – going as far as claiming the now 11-month-old Archie as her person.

As soon as Archie entered this world, he was surrounded by rescue pets. And in growing up, he’s showing that he is pretty relaxed around animals – especially Nora. The two of them shared an instantaneous bond.

As a result, the pair have been inseparable. They are constantly taking naps together.

As Elizabeth shared, “We got our Nora from a rescue shelter seven years ago and it’s one of the best decisions we ever made! Archie thinks so, too.”

Elizabeth added, “She sure loves her boy.”

“It’s looking like Archie just might have a future career in animal whispering!” Elizabeth said.

Granted, Archie and Nora don’t just spend all their time napping. These two enjoy other activities and will always be playing together.

“Nora is an amazing dog and is so deserving of any and all of the attention she gets,” Elizabeth stated.

This family bed at the Spence home is definitely running out of room.

As Elizabeth shared with The Winnepeg Free Press, “I generally nurse my son to sleep on my bed at nap time and then move him to his room, or let him stay on my bed if he’s looking too comfortable to move. Nora is always there supervising the entire affair and will definitely move in for cuddles if given the opportunity.”

“She is the most passive and loving dog I have ever met and genuinely treats all the kids with absolute love and devotion,” Elizabeth revealed.

This loving family is definitely hoping that their story inspires other families to open up their hearts and homes to rescue pets.


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