Rescue Dog With Unique Markings Looks Like A James Bond Villain

All dog owners want to believe that their pup is unique and special. And yes, this might be true since it dog has it’s own unique personality, however, when it comes to looks that’s a different story. Sometimes looks-wise, there are dogs that just stand out more than others. Such is the case for one adorable Chihuahua rescue who sent the internet into shock with his standout features.

Not only does the two-year-old Chihuahua have two different colored eyes, but he’s also got a distinctive black marking above his bright blue eye that makes him look almost like a cartoon character.

When his 29-year-old, Charice Fca, first rescued Lucky, she immediately uploaded a picture of him to her social media. Like all new dog moms, Charice was excited to show off her new pup to her Facebook. What she didn’t expect was for her post to go viral – quickly gaining more than 11,000 likes as well as over 600 comments. 

Some of the social media users have compared his rare facial markings to something that makes him look like an evil genius or a Bond villain. But more often than not, the comments were about his adorable looks and how happy they were that he’d found a home.

Charice first came to rescue Lucky after seeing a post on Facebook advertising the dog for rehoming. She stated, “When I saw his face, I promptly realized I needed him and reached out to the proprietor.”

After she brought him home, she was surprised that her new companion was quickly breaking the internet. However, as much as people enjoy seeing Lucky’s picture, Charice has admitted that there has been some skepticism towards his looks being real. Some people just can’t believe it and as she has shared, “A few people don’t accept this is his genuine eyebrow, they think I used a pen or I Photoshopped him!”

Regardless, Lucky is definitely one special-looking dog. We don’t think there’s another one out there that has got his looks.

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