I’ve always been jealous of the people who can sleep anywhere, any time, and on anything. Call me Goldilocks, but if the mattress, number of pillows, the weight of the blankets, and location are not just right, then it’s a restless night. Of course, this wasn’t always the case, in my early 20s crashing anywhere was never a problem. But now that I’m about to turn 30, it’s a different story. However, I’m sure that I’m not the only person who experiences this.

And one dog is making all of jealous with his ability to happily snooze away with his head on a brick – a literal brick!

But his brick isn’t just a pillow, it’s apparently also his best friend.

Sunny is the dog who’s new bestie is a brick. The friendship started after he was rescued by his owner, Ariana Smoak. Smoak had picked up Sunny, along with his siblings and mom – all who were living on the streets as strays in Lexington, South Carolina. After spending weeks treating their fleas, along with other health conditions, the little doggie family were all fresh, clean, and healthy.

Once Sunny was beginning to feel more confident in his new home, he decided that he would go on an exploration of his surroundings. And that, is when the friendship started: after be discovered the brick that Smoak had placed on the edge of a rug in order to stop it from rolling up. For whatever reason, they friendship was quick to start up.

A few days after this first meeting, Smoak decided to take some pictures of Sunny and his brick, and post them to Twitter…


It’s clear that there is a lot that these two get up to, from just hanging out…


To taking naps together:


Of course, there is still room in Sunny’s heart for his owner, who loves to give him hugs from time to time:


Naturally, after posting the photos to Twitter, the internet went into a frenzy appreciating the cuteness of this pup. People were quick to post comments about the precious dog’s new buddy and headrest:


Of course, this unusual friendship just prompted many other dog owners to share their own stories and pictures of their own dogs with their own weird little quirky friendships with inanimate objects:


This led to one Twitter user to share another precious friendship between her Rottweiler and a rock:


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