Animals can express happiness and gratitude just like humans. For anyone who has ever rescued a pet from a shelter or off the streets, they know just how elated our animals can be as a result. When I was a kid, my mom and I went to the local shelter to get a dog. We decided on our dog, mainly because she looked sad. But once she was let out of the kennel and she realized that we were taking her home, she was a completely different animal. She was happy. 

One dog dad, Jon Bozak, shared a compilation video of his pup’s ability to smile. Bozak first realized that his dog could smile just like a human after he first rescued the canine. Brink is the precious pit bull that Bozak took in from the mean streets of New York. Even though Brink’s rescue was 12 years ago, the pooch still smiles like it was yesterday.

As Bozak revealed, he discovered Brink’s smiling talent the very first day that he took him in. After getting him into his car, Bozak noticed that Brink immediately helped himself to the front passenger seat where he started smiling. From there, Bozak shared that his decision to keep him was pretty easy. Even though he didn’t want another dog at the time, there was no leaving him behind.

After taking Brink in, Bozak did try to locate his family. He spent two months flyering the city with hundreds of “found dog” posters. However, no one came forward. Once it was clear that there wouldn’t be anyone claiming Brink, Bozak made him an official part of the family. And Brink has been smiling ever since.

Watch how cute Brink looks when he grins:

You can’t help but fall in love with that face!

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