Rescued Dog Is Unrecognizable After Having 35 Pounds Of Hair Shaved Off Its Body

Everyone feels better with a haircut. Perhaps that is why people are so desperate to get salons and barbershops up and running again because there is nothing that beats that fresh feeling of having your crowning glory cleaned up and styled right.

Well, we aren’t the only ones who enjoy proper grooming. Our dogs also like to feel like they’re being well-maintained. Unfortunately, not all dogs are lucky enough to have owners who take them regularly to the salon to get their fur coats trimmed and groomed to perfection. Rescue dogs are often on the streets without any proper attention to their basic well-being, let alone their physical appearance.

And for dogs, that can end up taking a toll on their health since if their fur gets continuously matted it can become a breeding ground for fleas, ticks, or just overall discomfort. One Great Pyrenees dog, Lazarus was one such neglected dog that hadn’t been groomed for six years! Unfortunately, that meant that his hair had grown into a cluster of outrageous mats that left him in major pain and were affecting the way he was able to walk.

Sadly for Lazarus, he’d been living with his owners who had terminal medical conditions that left them unable to properly care for the large dog. But fortunately for Lazarus, he came under the attention of Amanda Charsha-Lindsey with Big Fluffy Dog Rescue, who was able to take in the pooch and give him the attention he so desperately needed. As a result, Lazarus actually lost 35 pounds of heavily matted hair!

He went from living six years inside a barn stall to getting a brand new chance at a happy life. He was desperate for a haircut and Charsha-Lindsey enlisted the help of groomer, Candice Skelton, in getting him freed of all those mats. The video was astounding to say the least, especially since it required seven people to assist in his grooming. But also because it left Lazarus completely unrecognizable after his transformation.

According to Charsha-Lindsey, Lazarus is a little shy and isn’t too big on socializing with others, but he’s sweet once he gains trust.

She did share on Facebook that Lazarus was going to “start building some muscle tone back” after getting used to doing laps around the yard. Additionally, the adorable pooch would be in need of “vetting and some rehab time to introduce him to the world.”

Watch the video of Lazarus below:

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