Rescued Piglet Sleeps On His Dog’s Back Every Night

Dogs have the nickname, Man’s Best Friend. But the reality is they’re everybody’s best friend. If you own a dog you know that more often than not, your dog is happy to go be friends with anyone, including other animals. They are such loving and caring animals at their core. Now that we live in an age of social media, it’s so easy to be able to see a constant stream of people’s videos and pictures that best capture the essence of the canine spirit. And that spirit is usually compassion. As a former dog owner myself, I often saw just how compassionate my dog was towards the other animals in the house, particularly the small rabbits. She treated them like her puppies, and this often encouraged them to view her as a safe space – someone to run to when they were frightened.

It’s the calming nature of dogs that will often attract other animals to them, particularly the baby animals. And what is arguably one of the cutest bonds around, began when one little baby piglet decided that it needed a doggie best friend. Little 5-month-old Regan is a piglet living at the Charlotte’s Freedom Farm in Comber, Ontario, up in Canada. The tiny pig was rescued and brought to liver her life on the farm when she was only 5 weeks old. 

When she arrived, she quickly became intrigued by 16-year-old Ellie, a dog. Despite having such an age gap between them, this little pig and pooch duo are actually very close friends. The friendship first started when Regan was introduced to the older Ellie. The two pretty much became inseparable after that. But one night, Regan solidified their status as besties when she climbed up onto Ellie’s back and settled in for the night. And that is when the most adorable bedtime ritual was born.

When Regan isn’t sleeping on Ellie’s back, she is usually busy around the house doing other things like running around a cat’s exercise wheel. She even has her own social media following, where fans can keep up with her and Ellie’s adventures together.

Check it out below:

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