RSPCA Is Having A $29 Adoption Sale On Hundreds Of Animals

It is that time of year again! The RSPCA, an animal charity, is gearing up for the launch of its annual “Clear the Shelters” sale this weekend. What that means is for the next few days, all animals will be adoptable, but their adoption fees will be as low as $29.

In New South Wales, you can expect over 700 adorable animals to be yours for only $29 – this includes all types of animals from dogs, cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs, to farm animals such as pigs, ducks, turkeys, and even horses!

Think about it, you can adopt a horse for only $29!

One of the cuties who will be looking for a home during the sale is Charlie, a 17-year-old miniature horse.

Credit: RSCPA

But remember, just because horses will be adoptable for only $29, doesn’t mean that they don’t come without certain needs – you will still be responsible for providing them with adequate care and a proper living environment.

In fact, that principle extends to all the animals who are up for adoption. Keep in mind that just because their adoption fees are so low, doesn’t mean that they will not require suitable long-term care.

As the RSPCA stated, “Even though the $29 adoption fee does not come close to covering the cost of treating and caring for the animals, you can’t put a price on finding forever homes for animals in need.”

Credit: RSCPA

During the sale this year, there is a special buzz being built around Kevin, a Great Dane and Mastiff mix who, sadly, wasn’t able to find his forever home during last year’s sale.

The sweet Kevin has been living within the shelter for a little over 100 days, so staff are hoping his luck turns around this year. He’s currently being fostered by volunteers, but Ashley Stephenson with the RSPCA would like it if “this year is his lucky year.”

Credit: RSCPA

The adoption drive will kick off on Friday and go for three days.

Last year’s sale was incredibly successful that 2,654 animals managed to find their forever homes. Given the rate of success, the RSPCA staff are counting on their lucky stars to give them a successful 2020 sale as well.

Ashley Stephenson said, according to LADbible, “This weekend we want people looking for a new family member to consider adopting, not shopping.”

If you’re in the New South Wales area and you’ve been thinking about adding a little furry love to your life, then this weekend of discounted adoption fees may be the perfect opportunity. Of course, just because all animals will be available for $29, doesn’t mean that you can just forgo responsibility. $29 or not, pets require stability and care.

If you can’t guarantee that for an animal then you’re best sitting the sale out, because any pet deserves a life-long commitment from you.

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