Saint Bernard Argues With His Owner Over A Loaf Of Bread

We’ve all been guilty of breaking our diets. Some of us perhaps more so than others. But it’s hard not to – food is just delicious. Especially the food that is “bad” for you. I mean, how many of us have to rid the house of temptations such as popcorn, chips, cookies, etc. when we try to diet because it’s just that hard to resist. 

And it would seem that even our dogs are privy to breaking their diets as shown in a hilarious video. And who can blame him? Dog food isn’t that fun – at least not compared to human food. And Bear, a big Saint Bernard, refused to follow his diet any longer. Instead, the determined little pooch wasn’t about to go down without a protest. He wanted that freshly baked bread! And he was going to get it at any cost.

In fact, his owner caught him on camera putting up a protest during dinner while putting on one very angry temper tantrum. Bear was determined to get one bit of bread from his owner. And again, who can blame him? Bread is delicious. And there is never such a thing as bad bread – except maybe wholegrain. But even though the Saint Bernard put up a valiant protest, unfortunately for him, the answer was still no.

The stubborn Bear was not about to let it go. And Bear was not going to let it go – the pooch continuously threw tantrum after tantrum – trying to prove his point. While the answer was initially no, that was only because the bread was fresh out of the oven. Eventually, Bear did get a sneaky little treat once the bread had cooled off.  

But the hilarious video did highlight the tenacity that dogs display when they really want something. And nothing is as great a motivator as food. Watch the adorable video below:

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