Senior Dog Becomes Best Friends With The Sea Lions At His Local Beach

12-year-old Buddy from Burien, Washington has an adorable hobby. He loves to swim with the sea lions that live at his local beach. Every time the senior pooch visits the beach, he gets a spring in his step and rushes out to the water to join his marine friends. And they seem equally as enamored with the pooch as well. As his owner, Dan Lishner, shared with King 5 Evening News, “Sometimes they swim directly beneath him, and they’re just toying with him the whole time.”

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Lishner continued to describe how the sea lions seem to care for their land-dwelling friend. He noted that Buddy typically swims only until he’s tired or until the sea lions decide that they’ve had enough of playtime with Buddy. 

Lishner also says that they care for the old dog in their own way, stating, “The sea lions don’t ever let him get too far away. They bring him back towards the shallower water. It’s a beautiful communication they have.”

The fact that scientists point out that sea lions and dogs share a common ancestor makes sense as to why Buddy and his friends get along great. Still, even though these particular friends get on, doesn’t always mean that dogs and sea lions are meant to be friends. 

Buddy’s unique circle of friends have even made him a bit of a local celebrity. One of the locals who has witnessed Buddy’s regular swimming trips with the sea lions, Erica Stober, has said, “It’s kind of like a community chat right now.” 

Screenshot: YouTube/

Lishner adopted the senior dog a few years ago. He has definitely noticed a difference in the senior dog ever since he took up with his regular swimming crew. Lishner has stated that the pooch derives a lot of joy from his escapades to the sea – and that happiness is infectious. 

“He has so much joy out of this, I could watch him all day long,” said Lishner. 

Watch as the older dog enjoys time with his sea lion friends below:

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