Senior Pit Bull Caught On Camera Snuggling Dad’s Stuff While He’s Away At Work

Prior to the invention of the Ring cameras and other security measures and monitoring devices, what your dog got up to when you’re not home was anybody’s guess. But now that it’s easier to monitor what you’re dog gets up to during the day, you can see what they do. Given some of the videos we’ve seen before, most dogs seem to get into mischief. But one pit bull was completely surprised their owner with what they were doing while alone.

Instagram was charmed to see Lexi’s antics that were caught on the security camera while her family was out. It is truly adorable!

But while it’s completely adorable, it isn’t completely devoid of mischief. Since the family had a pile of neatly folded blankets, Lexi felt no guilt and plowing through the pile and messing up their folding job. Once she’d made sure that the blankets were all messed up, she disappeared back down the hall.

But where had she gone? While most people would assume it was to cause more chaos elsewhere, it turned out to not be the case. What she did next in the video is when people really fell in love with her.

Apparently, she had gone to get her owner’s shoe. It wasn’t for the nefarious purpose of destroying – in fact, it was because she wanted to cuddle it. How cute is that? On camera, little Lexie is seen cuddling her owner’s shoe.

That clip definitely received a lot of attention from people, as it was so precious! Lexi has her own Instagram page, and this adorable elderly pup is quite the pet influencer on social media with more than 100,000 followers. So it is no wonder that her video clip received over 30,000 likes!

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