Service Dog Freaks Out When He Meets Pluto At Disneyland

If anyone has been lucky enough to meet their celebrity idol, there’s a fair chance of becoming a little starstruck. And our pets are no different. One adorable Yellow Labrador, Ace, was in the middle of his training to become a guide dog for Guide Dogs of America. His outing as part of his training was Disneyland – and while he was there, he ended up coming face to face with the dog he admired most: Pluto.

Needless to say, this pup’s reaction was nothing short of precious.

The day of the encounter was another training day for Ace, who’s trainer, Sandy Steinblums, had taken him to Disneyland for the day. While that sounds like a great day out, it’s actually a part of his training – to see how he would react and compose himself in a very crowded and stimulating environment. The whole point of the experiment was to see if Ace would remain calm and collected while encountering Pluto – whose objective was to try and break his focus.

Sandy was training Ace to be a guide dog for the blind. While Ace was still about six months into his training, she took him to Disneyland for a day of training. She was grateful that the characters at the park played along with Ace’s training. It was important that he pass this so he could continue on to become an official guide dog. And the reaction was so great.

While Pluto is clearly his favorite dog, and little Ace was so starstruck at meeting his hero for the first time, he still managed to keep his composure! In the video, Ace is at first clearly surprised when he sees Pluto, but after a second of “oh my goodness!” he pulled himself together, and carried on being the calm pup that he is. Even when Pluto tried to purposely get him to break his composure and play with him, Ace kept it together.

It was clear that he was well on his way to being a wonderful guide dog for someone.

You can watch his reaction to Pluto below:

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