Shelter Builds Tiny Cottages So Their Dogs Don’t Have To Sleep In Cages

There is so much sadness to see when you go to an animal shelter. As an animal lover, it breaks my heart to see all the sad faces in kennels and cages just waiting for their forever homes. All the pets have the same longing and hopeful look in their eyes when you walk by – it’s as though they’re pleading with you to pick them and bring them home. As much as I wish I could bring them home with me, the sad reality is that I can’t. And while these dogs wait for their forever homes, they have to spend most of their days in kennels. Another sad reality, but many shelters don’t always have the funds to spend on luxury accommodation for their animals. Many of them are operating on the bare minimum and can only afford the basics like food, water, and some kind of mat for their kennel. It’s a very sad existence being a shelter dog. But there is one rescue up in the state of Oregon that has managed to make quite a lovely escape for their rescue dogs who are waiting for their forever homes. 

Situated on 55 acres of incredibly picturesque land, the Luvable Dog Rescue is a safe haven where their rescue dogs, who are mainly pit bulls, are able to roam free and enjoy their days outdoors. On the property, these pups are able to enjoy all sorts of natural treats such as forests, meadows, and hiking trails. It’s sheer doggie perfection! But as equally as wonderful are the canine accommodation provided. Rather than sleeping in cages or kennels, the dogs that stay at Luvable are able to live in actual little private cottages.

The interiors of these canine cottages are made to resemble real human homes – complete with furniture, artwork or knickknacks, and windows with stunning views of the outside. Besides being cozy and comfortable, these cottage homes also provide the shelter staff a means of observing the dogs in a “home environment” which allows them to better match them with potential forever homes. And that is always a good thing!

Besides these cottages, there is also a “pit bull palace” which caters to dogs of a bigger size. And if that isn’t cute enough, there is also a maternity ward for expectant or nursing mothers. The entire aim of Luvable isn’t just to provide their rescue dogs with a pleasant stay, it’s to actively get them better adjusted to life in a home environment – that way they’re ready to slot into their new lives with a forever family. 

What do you think of the work that they’re doing? Would you like to see more shelters adopt similar practices? Let us know what you think!

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