Shelter Dog Named Cinderella Needs Our Help Getting Her Fairy-Tale Ending

Similar to her namesake, an adorable shepherd mix from Egypt named Cinderella, was on the lookout for her happily ever after.

The sweet pooch had a spinal cord injury that affected her hind legs, thus giving her mobility issues. While she was able to control her bodily functions, the pup still needed a little help getting around. That is when Second Change Rescue NYC took her in and, in an effort to give her the most normal life possible, set her up with a wheelchair.

Photo: Facebook

Shortly afterward, the rescue was looking for someone, either a forever home or a foster, to give her a place. The shelter posted, “Our sweetheart Cinderella is looking for her Prince Charming. This special needs princess is sure to be the belle of any ball!!”

While searching for a forever home for her, the shelter also wrote on their website, “She is looking for a special home that will look past her disability and see her for the wonderful dog that she is. Cinderella has a sweet and silly personality that shines through with patience and understanding.”

Photo: Facebook

Second Chance Rescue NYC is just one of the many animal rescues tirelessly at work trying to make a difference in the lives of homeless dogs. They will often do their best to save dogs from overcrowded shelters and find them forever homes, as well as take in dogs who are injured or neglected. The rescue is proud of the work they do, saying their whole drive of doing is “Because They Matter.”

And for them, special needs dogs are no different from the countless other dogs they help – they need love and care just as much as anyone else. Adopting instead of shopping is always the best way to go – always choose to save a life!

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