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Essentials of Dog Behavior: Socialization (Digital Download)



Cesar says: "We can all be the true companions our dogs deserve, and the time to prove it is now. Let’s not forget that socialization is something that we do together." 

World-renowned dog behavior expert Cesar Millan takes us through four different scenarios - the home, the walk, the office, and the dog park - to learn how to properly address and correct unwanted behavior. Learn what dog socialization is, and why it is an important component to achieving balance and harmony with your dog.

In this DVD, you'll learn..

  • The facts and myths of dog socialization
  • How to properly assess anti-social behavior
  • How to understand dog insecurity, dominance, and aggression
  • Cesar's 5 Dog Laws, 10 Principles, and 5 Pack Leader Techniques for achieving a balanced relationship between you and your dog

Bonus Features

  • A Brief History of Dogs
  • Cesar on dog park etiquette
  • Knowing your dog's position within the pack
  • Exclusive post-training follow up footage


  • Region-free, available worldwide
  • English, Spanish, German, French, and Portuguese subtitles
  • 90 minutes
  • Stream or download (mp4 format)
  • Compatible with Roku devices for TV viewing
  • Adobe Flash Player is required to stream online

Download Instructions

Upon purchase, you will receive a separate email containing a unique link to watch the video on Stream or download the entire full length feature, or as separate chapters. For the best viewing experience, we recommend having a high speed internet connection.


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