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Cesar Millan's Short Guide to a Happy Dog (Paperback)

Short Guide to a Happy Dog - Paperback



Cesar takes his methodology of people training and dog psychology to a new level in “Short Guide to a Happy Dog.” After nine seasons as TV's "Dog Whisperer" and working with all kinds of owners and dogs around the world, Cesar brings you the knowledge and tools you will need to create a stronger, happier relationship with your dog. Within these lessons, you’ll read inspirational stories from Cesar’s case files that provide real world application and surprising life lessons.

Learn About:

  • Cesar’s Natural Dog Laws
  • Nine Simple Principals for a Balanced Dog
  • Practical Techniques for Every Pack Leader
  • Managing Common Misbehaviors
  • Choosing the Right Dog for Your Family
  • Helping Your Dog Adjust to Life Transitions
  • And more...

This book is packed with Cesar’s insights into human and canine behavior that you will not find anywhere else. Plus, you will find each lesson straightforward and easy to use in your own life. Simply put, “Cesar Millan’s Short Guide to a Happy Dog” is the book for anyone looking to live a better life with their beloved family member.

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