Singer Troye Sivan Reunites With His Dog After 7 Months Apart

For most pet owners, the last several months of quarantine have been spent together at home with their pets. For many that has been a godsend, since animals do wonders to bolster your mental health. It’s nearly impossible to have a bad day when you’re constantly surrounded by the love of a dog. 

Unfortunately, not every pet owner has managed to be at home with their pets during quarantine. For a number of reasons, some people have actually been separated from their pets. Some have unfortunately become ill and have been in the hospital as a result, while others may have gotten stuck abroad when lockdown measures went into place. For well-known YouTuber and singer, 25-year-old Troye Sivan, he ended up self-isolating in his native Australia with his family while his dog was cared for by a friend.


That meant that he spent seven months apart from his pooch, and they have only recently been reunited. The YouTuber released a vlog which captured his journey from Los Angeles to Australia and back – citing that he hadn’t seen his dog in seven months. The video was a surprise return for his dog, who had no idea he was coming back to LA. 


Once he was back home, he then set up his laptop to capture the moment that he got to see his dog Nash again. In the video, Sivan noted that he was very much looking forward to being able to “greet my son.” For anyone who follows Sivan, they will know that Nash is a prominent guest star on his channel and Instagram. The two have been together since the time Sivan and his then-boyfriend, Jacob Bixenman, fostered Nash. As Sivan shared in March 2019 with W Magazine, the couple hadn’t been too serious at the time about getting a dog – they’d only started looking. But as Sivan boarded a flight to Singapore, his then-boyfriend apparently took the foster plunge – and Nash had been with them ever since.

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As Sivan has previously stated about Nash, “He’s my heart and soul.” So it makes perfect sense that during a quarantine interview with Don’t Bore Us, Sivan stated, “I really miss my dog, that’s been a tough thing. What I thought was going to be a couple of weeks has turned into like six months. I really miss him. I’m just hoping that everything will get better soon and I’ll get back.”

The reunion video was quite sweet. Nash wandered into the home only to find Sivan there waiting for him. Nash was overwhelmed with joy that he launched himself into Sivan’s arms – completely covering him with kisses. 

It definitely brings a tear or two to your eyes. Watch them reunite in the clip below:

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