Smart Corgi Is Potty Trained To Use The Toilet Just Like Her Human

I love dogs, but I’m more of a cat person simply because cats require less training effort than dogs – especially when it comes to bodily ablutions. Even if you’re a die-hard dog fan, you have to admit, cats are pretty efficient in that department. You literally just place their litter box where you want it, stick them in it so they know where to go, and voila! Potty training complete in less than five minutes.

Dogs require a lot more attention. It takes a lot of trial and error in order to get it right. However, they too, eventually learn. But unlike cats who’s litter box is indoors, dogs have to go outside to do their business. For most people who own a dog, there isn’t much of an issue as you just let them outside to the backyard to go potty. Some even install a doggie door in their home to solve the problem of constantly having to get up and let your dog out whenever they need to go outside – whether it’s bathroom-related business or not.

But what about those dog owners who don’t have the luxury of living in a house that has a garden? What about those who live in condos or apartments where any outdoor space is either non-existent or just a small patch of concrete? Well, not all dog owners live out in the suburbs, some live within the urban jungle. And for most of those dog owners, bathroom business means taking your dog outside to the street several times a day to stretch their legs and do their business.

But one dog owner living in an apartment building got a little creative when coming up with a solution for her Pembroke Welsh Corgi, PingPong, who frequently needed to go to the bathroom. Rather than constantly making the trip outdoors, the woman decided to give PingPong’s bathroom training a little extra boost.

She potty trained her to use the toilet like a human! PingPong was even built her very own little platform to help her get up in order to do what she’s got to do any time of day. And the owner keeps the bathroom door open all the time in order for PingPong to be able to access the facilities any time she needs. Quite a handy trick, especially for night time or winter months.

Check out the video below:

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