Smart Dog Receives Delivery Packages When His Owner Is At Work

Dogs get up to all kinds of things when we’re not home. Most of the time we don’t usually get to see them in action. If anything, we just end up coming home to the evidence of any mischievous behavior. There is no way of knowing exactly what they get up to unless you have a camera in your home. And if seems that there is an increasing number of pet parents who have been installing surveillance cameras in and around their homes. It’s a nice way to keep an eye on things while you’re away, as well as keeping tabs on your pets throughout the day. And while at home, one German Shepherd was unaware that his owner was able to watch his every move.

The dog, Nuomi, amazed his owners with his actions after he heard a courier arriving at their front door. The surveillance cameras inside the home captured the incredible moment that the German Shepherd got up from the floor after hearing a knock at the door. Most would assume that the dog would just go over to bark at the door, but not Nuomi. This incredibly clever pooch actually managed to open the door before grabbing the package from the courier and bringing it into the home! Amazed, the curious courier peers into the apartment but then Nuomi gives him a very stern warning and barks at him to close the door behind him. 

Initially, when the video first began to circle the internet, it was met with a lot of suspicions. Many people believed it to be some kind of hoax where the dog was being led by his owner for views. On reddit, someone posted, “Cute video but the delivery guy is the dog owner. We can hear the bark clear as day but not a peep from the package guy?” While someone else made the comment, “It’s obviously a person in a dog costume these people will believe anything.” However, it was soon proven that Nuomi was actually that smart to pull such a stunt on his own without needing direction from his owner.

The result of the video being real has launched Nuomi into celebrity status, with the pup making an appearance on the South China Morning Post. Additionally, the courier who delivered the package to Nuomi was also interviewed, and he admitted, “I was so scared that I didn’t even have time to take the receipt.”

The dog’s name in Nuomi and he does many clever, helpful things for his family. Nuomi has appeared on the South China Morning Post and in their video, there’s an interview with the actual courier. The courier says of his encounter with the canine customer, “I was so scared that I didn’t even have time to take the receipt.”

Check out the video below:

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