Sneaky Pug Tricks His Sister Into His Crate And Then Locks It

If you want to know what a smart dog looks like, check out Terrell Puggs, aka Sizzle.

Sizzle has a big sister, Elphie, who he just loves to play tricks on. Elphie and Sizzle bonded immediately after he was rescued from Delaware Valley Pug Rescue.

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Since he was just a puppy, Andrew Nechetsky and his wife would put Sizzle in a crate when they left for work. Elphie was placed in an enclosed area so that she wouldn’t bother Sizzle, however, the pair wouldn’t be kept apart.

When the couple came home from work they found Elphie and Sizzle roaming about as Elphie had managed to climb over her gate enclosure and let Sizzle out of the crate.

While this big sister was so nice to free her little brother, the favor wouldn’t be returned. Instead, Sizzle figured out how to get Elphie into his crate and lock her in!

Screen Shots: Facebook/Andrew Nechetsky

Elphie has a stuffed pig that she adores, and Sizzle picked up on that – using it for bait. He grabbed the toy and placed it in his open crate. When Elphie noticed it inside the crate she went in to get it, only for Sizzle to spring his trap. He promptly closed to door behind her and used his teeth to lock it.

His owner Andrew managed to catch the moment on camera, but this apparently isn’t the first time this has happened.

The video was captioned, “Again with this dude…. Idk what’s worse, the fact that he knows how to lock her in, or that she just sits there and accepts it.”

The crate has since been removed, and the two pugs now spend their days on the couch watching the Baltimore Ravens with their owners. Andrew told The Dodo, “These pups are the best, even when they’re bad.” Dogs make our lives whole and a lot more interesting.

Check out Sizzle in action in the video below and share the hilarious moment:

Again with this dude…. idk what’s worse, the fact that he knows how to lock her in, or that she just sits there and accepts it.

Posted by Andrew Nechetsky on Wednesday, February 6, 2019


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