Son Sends Adorable Video With The Family Dog To His Parents On Vacation

When Garrett Johnson’s parents went off on a week-long cruise together, they left him in charge of the house as well as the family pet, Oscar.

As all parents do, as his mom was leaving, she reiterated for Garrett to take good care of Oscar, since they’d never been away from him for so long.

But she really had nothing to worry about. Oscar was very capable, if not creative, hands.

Photo: Twitter/Garrett Johnson

In order to keep his mom’s mind at ease, as well as provide his parents with updates, Garrett decided to make a fun little video to showcase how great Oscar was doing in their absence. That is when he put together a little homemade comedy spoof, staring the cutest dog he knew.

As Garrett said to The Dodo, “Oscar is the funniest dog I know.”

You can watch the adorable video below:

While Garrett’s parents might have been enjoying themselves on their cruise, it was made clear that the real party was back at home. His mother couldn’t get enough of the funny video update.

“She thought it was super funny and said she cried laughing,” Garrett stated.

Garrett’s mother wasn’t the only one who would find the mini-film hilarious.

After Garrett and Oscar’s short clip was uploaded to Twitter, it has been viewed tens of thousands of times. This only proves that even strangers are getting a kick out of the update meant for his parents.

“It’s blown me away,” Garrett said. “I only had 70 followers, so I was just posting it for my friends. This is unreal.”

While they might not be in front of the camera at the moment, that doesn’t mean that the fun has stopped for these two.

Photo: Twitter/Garrett Johnson

“We’re chilling and just hanging out ’til [my parents] come back,” he said. “Life is good.”

Sounds like it. We’re glad Garrett and Oscar are enjoying their time together.


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