Special Needs Dog Drags Herself To See Airman Dad That’s Been Away For 6 Months

We’ve all seen the videos of soldiers coming home to their dogs and the precious reactions of the canines when they see their person walk through the door after a long separation. There is nothing more heart-warming than watching two best friends see each other again after so long.

One little dog, a 1-year-old American Bulldog/Pitbull mix named Emma, was excited about seeing her owner return home after a 6-month deployment. Emma is a special needs dog who was born with a birth defect called Hemivertebrae, which affects the sufferer with neurological as well as spinal problems.

She didn’t let her disability stop her from joining her canine siblings, Mikey and Jesse, from rushing the door to say a big hello to their owner and welcome him back home.

Emma’s owner, Melissa Proctor Swanson, said, “My husband has been gone for 6 months. Before he left, we adopted (are long term foster parents for SNARR-a special needs animal rescue) a special needs puppy with a severe birth defect. Emma and her daddy were very close! It broke her heart when he left. When I come in the door, she normally sits at the end of the hallway and waits for me to pick her up. This time, when her daddy came in, she went to him!”

“Melissa added, “She has a spirit unmatched by any dog. Her determination to do things is inspirational.”

Also, please share the video with your friends and family since Emma’s rescue, SNARR, receives money for every view of the video!

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