Special Needs Dogs Have A Condition That Makes Them Wiggle Uncontrollably

Trimble and Twitch were two puppies who were abandoned alongside their mother in a rental home in Texas. When Christie came across the little family, she immediately picked up on something being different about the puppies. Regardless, she took them in and paid a visit to the local vet.

At the vet’s office, the puppy siblings were diagnosed with Cerebellar Hypoplasia, a type of canine cerebral palsy. Given that the two pups were special needs, Christie knew that they would be virtually unadoptable. That is when she made the decision to adopt them herself, and it was a wonderful decision that she’s so glad she made.

As she shared with Metro.co.uk, “We rescued them after a neighbor called about the barking. The mom and pups were full of parasites and had to be treated for these.”

Christie further explained CH, and how the condition causes motor control and proprioception issues. Because of this, both Trimble and Twitch will experience trouble walking as they grow. Despite the movement problems, CH isn’t painful, and dogs who live with the condition will still have full, normal life expectancies.

Christie said, “In short, they are just wobbly normal dogs. The reality is that it is difficult to get these types or any special needs dog adopted. It isn’t that it is hard work to care for them, it is just more work. Because of this, we (our family) adopted them.”

Christie added that her family did experience an adjustment period after bringing the two pups home.

As she shared, “It was like bringing home two aliens and trying to figure out how to give them the best lives. We had to adapt everything from drinking water and eating to how to walk. Twitch was doing OK in the walking department, but Trimble had much more difficulty.”

She continued, “We built him wheelchairs as he grew to begin physical therapy that would strengthen his muscles and give him the maximum coordination. As he grew, he began to have a little more control over his muscles and would take a few steps at a time. Now, Twitch runs— which we never thought was possible and Trimble walks… which is, in short, a miracle.”

Christie has also dished that the special needs dog owner community ended up providing her plenty of support and encouragement. Christie and the community have formed a network through which she’s met plenty of people in similar situations.

She said, “The reason you see more special needs dogs living their best lives is because people are not euthanizing them anymore. They see that they can live amazing lives with just a little bit of love.”

Christie added, “I am their service human. I provide all the accommodations to make their lives absolutely wonderful. In return, they make me a better person.”

Christie revealed how both Trimble and Twitch have brought plenty of powerful lessons to her life.

She stated, “They never get sad, mad, angry, or spiteful, they are just a joy to have. They have taught me that no matter what you have going on in your life, it is absolutely up to you how deal with it. They spread happiness and smiles where ever they go – it’s infectious.”

Despite their disabilities, both Trimble and Twitch are quite loving dogs, and they enjoy the company of people. As a result, Christie often takes the two dogs to meet with special needs children in the community.

As Christie said, “We want to spread our “be intentional” message. Be Intentional in your life – live with purpose.”

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