Squirrel Outsmarts Dog That’s Trying To Chase It

For those who have seen the movie “The Secret Life of Pets,” you probably remember the running gag of the squirrels. The dogs in the movie are obsessed with chasing or barking at the squirrels in their area. It’s a funny joke because it’s so true to life. There is something about squirrels that just drive dogs nuts!

Maybe it’s their erratic movements that set off the dog’s desire to chase. Either way, dogs all over the world just love to go after squirrels. Whenever there is a squirrel chase, it suddenly turns into a battle of the wits as squirrels have to outsmart dogs in order to escape. For the most part, these squirrels end up having the upper hand with their agility at climbing trees. The dogs simply can’t keep up and it turns into a feat of mind games where the squirrels end up taunting the dog. 

One of these moments was filmed by a dog owner whose black dog was going after a red squirrel. And it was nothing short of comical. The cheeky red squirrel definitely took the dog for a ride as it raced around the tree. The dog tried his best to keep up, but it was clear that he was never going to catch the squirrel. It was way too fast for him. The dog tried his best to jump up the tree, but the efforts were futile. And he had trouble following the red critter as it circled around the tree.  

While the dog might have started out chasing the squirrel, by the end of the video it was obvious that the squirrel was no longer fearful – he was just toying with the pooch. It was probably payback for giving him an initial fright. The dog’s owner, who was filming the incident, couldn’t stop laughing at the scene unfolding before them. It was too funny. To be fair, if we were in that position we’d be laughing as well.

Watch the scene below:

What are your dogs like when they see a squirrel? Do they also lose their minds and want to chase the furry little rodents? Let us know!

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