St. Bernard Has The Longest Tongue In The World

Mochi the St. Bernard had a tough start in life. She has experienced abuse and neglect – but thankfully those dark days are behind her. When she was two-years-old, this gentle giant was adopted from the Big Dogs Huge Paws rescue by her family.

She is now living her best life as an important member of the family in her home of South Dakota, USA. Her owner Carla says that Mochi is not only a tough dog because of all she’s overcome, but she is also a sweet and loving friend.

To look at Mochi you might not really think there’s anything different about this big St. Bernard girl, but you’d be wrong. She is actually a record holder for the Guinness World Records. As it turns out, Mochi has the world’s longest tongue!

Measured by a vet, it officially stretches to 18.58 cm or 7.3 inches! Those have got to be some heavy-duty kisses that Mochi gives her family.

She has been verified as having the longest tongue on a dog. And because of her new record-holding title, Carla said, “It will make all the water and slobber we’ve cleaned up over the years well worth it!”

Carla added, “With this record, we hope to bring attention to how much joy rescued animals can bring to their new family.”

Mochi and her massively long tongue both make an appearance in the new Guinness World Records Amazing Animals book, which just came out.

Check out the video below:

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