Stray Dog Falls Asleep With His Head On His Rescuer’s Shoulder

One stray dog was struggling to survive on the streets of Dubai when his luck changed for the better.

Anand Raman was the one who found the poor dog. He was curled up beneath a parked car and was eating scraps of food. It didn’t take long for Raman to note that the dog was in need of help.

Raman slowly approached the dog so as not to scare him off. When the two made eye contact, the dog then hobbled over to him, moving in a strange way on his front legs. Raman helped the dog get into his car. Once the dog felt like he was safe, he simply rested his head on Raman’s shoulder and fell asleep.

Photo: Instagram/Anand Raman

Given the dog’s rough life on the street, who knows when the last time was that he was able to experience a fully restful sleep?

Raman was supposed to go see his sister, but the two ended up driving the stray over to the vet. There the vet examined him and found that the reason he was walking strangely was a result of being malnourished. Once he returned to a healthy weight, his funny gait disappeared.

After the vet, Raman brought the stray back to his home and gave him a bath – something that helped reveal a pure white coat. While he’d been covered in grime and dirt, the revelation of his snow-white fur led to him being named Snowy. At first Snowy was unsure of life indoors, but quickly got used to it once he realized it meant safety.

Photo: Instagram/Anand Raman

“When I would take him for walks, he was constantly terrified that I was going to leave him back on the streets, so he would yank his leash away from me and run back into the parking lot of our building complex,” Raman said to The Dodo. “This happened for a while until he realized we were not going to let him go anywhere fast.”

Snowy is finally living his best life in a loving home environment and he’s a very happy dog. Raman uploaded a video of Snowy for the “What the Fluff” challenge, in addition to others on Instagram. Raman wrote, “He’s curious, a great guard dog, smart and a little too energetic.”

Photo: Instagram/Anand Raman

Snowy is endlessly showing his gratitude to Raman through a steady stream of cuddles and kisses. Hope these two are very happy together for many years to come. Adopting and rescuing a life is always a 10-fold reward as opposed to shopping. Adopt don’t shop!

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