Talented Border Collies Perform Cirque du Soleil Balancing Trick

Considered to be some of the most intelligent and athletic dogs in the world, the Border Collies are quite popular dogs, frequently taking home prizes in sheepdog trials and dog sports. Their natural acrobatics and high energy make them hard-working dogs who love a good challenge. They’re definitely not the kind of dog you’d get if you just want a pooch to sit beside you on the couch. They love to constantly be engaged, both physically and mentally, and these dogs shine when they’re being kept busy learning all kinds of new tricks.

And two Border Collies, 22-month-old Ace and 28-month-old Holly were captured on camera showing off some incredible tricks that they learned with their owner. These dogs looked like regular Cirque du Soleil canines, and the video of them is quite impressive.

In the video, you can see the black and white Ace sitting on his owner’s tummy, before Holly, the red and white collie, comes into the frame and climbs up on his feet. Then, he hoists her up, giving both dogs a cue to stand up on their hind legs.

The trick is exceptional, as it shows off how each pooch has a major command of their own balance – showing some pretty cool skills. Needless to say, the video is quite impressive. It is not easy for dogs to balance like this with such ease and calmness. Definitely a trick worthy of a prize!

Since Ace and Holly are both Border Collies, we have no doubt that this is just one of many impressive tricks that they will be able to master as they get older. Their owner definitely has his work cut out keeping them busy learning new tricks – they’ll undoubtedly be fast learners!

Have you ever been able to teach your dog to master an impressive trick? Let us know!

Watch the video below:

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