Teen Rushes To Save Her Drowning Dog While Filming A TikTok Video

Normally, it’s the videos of dogs saving others that go viral, but instead, TikTok saw a video go viral after a teenager posted the video of herself saving her sister’s dog.

Arizona-native Cadence Beavers, of Arizona, was filming a TikTok dance when two dogs can be seen passing behind her in the background.

Following a splash, the teen turns around in time to see the dog, called MJ, starting to drown. With the camera still rolling, Cadence jumps into the pool, saving her sister’s beloved pooch.

After posting the video on TikTok March 15th, the video was liked more than 1.5 million times and viewed more than 8.2 million times.

Cadence spoke to In The Know, and said, “I didn’t know that all dogs couldn’t swim so I heard the splash and I turned around and then it clicked that [MJ] was just sinking to the bottom like a rock. I totally forgot I was even making a TikTok! It was just my instincts to take off my shoes and check for my phone and then jump in quickly.”

Watch the video below:

@cadbeaOmfg saved my dog and my shoes ##fyp ##icantstopshaking ##shesokay

♬ Original Sound – Unknown

If the video does not load for you, click HERE to watch.

Cadence revealed that both she and MJ were fine after the accident, “I was so scared [MJ] was gonna choke on water but she was perfectly fine as soon as we got out. I’m just so glad MJ is OK and I can’t believe all that happened on camera.”

After the video went viral, comments flooded in praising the teen for her quick thinking and actions.

One person wrote, “So glad you were there [at] the right time.”

While another stated, “I was stressing just seeing the doggo being under for so long. Good job girl.”

However, there were some who were not impressed. Cadence revealed that there were some TikTok users who criticized her for removing her shoes prior to jumping into the pool.

As she said to In The Know, “Because I took off my shoes people think I value [material things] more than my animal’s life and that’s not the case.”

This meant that Cadence had to release a follow-up to her haters, saying, “Just because I took off my shoes and checked if my phone was in my pocket doesn’t mean I value those things more than my animal.”

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