‘The Dog Whisperer With Cesar Millan’ Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1 | Episode 1 | NuNu and Kane

In this episode we meet NuNu the Chihuahua, an adorable, pint-sized hellion. Fiercely territorial, NuNu lets no one near his owner Tina, not even Tina’s housemate, Barclay, the one who convinced Tina to bring the dog home from the rescue shelter.

Tipping the scales at 160 lbs, Kane is NuNu’s total opposite. Huge, lanky and…afraid. Ever since taking a bad fall, Kane is afraid of shiny surfaces, such as linoleum floors—so afraid that Marina, his owner, has to bring a carpet with her to get him to enter the school where she works.

In both cases we learn the owners have been too passive with their dogs, allowing bad behaviors to grow. Cesar wins a battle of wills with NuNu and then teaches his owner Tina how to do the same. Under the calm, assertive guidance of Cesar, Kane overcomes his problem, and Marina and Emmett, her 13-year old son, delight in seeing their dog shed the fear he has carried inside him for so long.

Season 1 | Episode 2 | Opie and Flirt

Lumbering and affable Opie is like Dr. Jekyll’s Mr. Hyde. A charmer around people, he becomes frighteningly aggressive around other dogs. His owner, Suzanne Ohanesian is at the end of her rope. She loves her dog, but she may have to give him up if she cannot get this behavior under control. Opie not only gets violent, but he directs that violence back towards Suzanne—who nervously holds Opie’s leash with Band-Aid plastered hands.

Smaller than many cats, Flirt is anything but violent. But this Chinese Crested is a handful for owner Barbie Orr. Energetic to the point of neurotic, Flirt cannot sit still for one moment. He does not walk so much as bounce. Barbie has almost no control over her hyper pooch.

In both cases we see the behaviors that result when owners let their dogs lead them. We also see how dogs pick up on the energy of their owners; in the first case, nervousness and lack of confidence, in the second, overly energetic. But, whereas one of these owners is willing to work to solve the problem, another seems more interested in a quick fix. In this episode we learn that the Dog Whisperer can only really help those willing to help themselves.

Season 1 | Episode 3 | Ruby and Rana

When the Kleins beloved Vizsla passed away, they decided to search for another of this rare breed. Alas, Ruby was anything but the loyal, obedient water dog that the Vizslas are known to be. Scared of nearly everything, Ruby deals with her neuroses by biting. With 10-year old twins and lots of other children coming through the house, the Kleins will have to give Ruby up for adoption if her bad habits continue.

Rana the Sheltie (Shetland Sheepdog) may know nothing of the Atkins diet, but that does not keep him from barking everytime bread pops in the toaster. Or when the microwave goes off…or when the phone rings. It may have been cute at one time, but owners Karen and Alanna Adams are fed up with it. They’ve even gone so far as to stop making toast!

Despite the very different dogs and very different problems, dog whisperer Cesar Millan shows us that these problems can be solved by becoming the alpha dog. In Rana’s case, Cesar–armed with a toaster and his standard 25 cent rope leash–shows how they Adamses can get their household back. For Ruby, it will take more work, including some well-needed pool time.

Season 1 | Episode 4 | Josh and Boomer

Anxiety comes in many forms. In the first story we meet Josh, a lively Maltese who will not let anyone with a brush or pair of scissors near him. He would much rather chase the vacuum cleaner or run in circles around the house. Just try to keep him still and you might get bitten.

In the second segment, we meet Boomer, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever who barks incessantly and refuses to come out of the pool, even after hours of swimming. The barking has the neighbors furious and Jody and Cristy run late for engagements because they cannot tear Boomer away from the water.

In both cases, the owners have let their dogs take over the house. Both need more exercise and more assertive owners. In one case, it looks like the owner may be up to the challenge. As for the other…, well Cesar is not betting on it.

Season 1 | Episode 5 | Harry and Brooks

Circles and light. Sounds like the a bestseller in the new age section of your local bookstore. Alas, there is nothing calming about either of these items for the two dogs in this episode.

In the case of Harry, circles-specifically the wheels of any vehicle—drive him crazy. Unless owners Beverly Keely and Janet Parker keep a firm grip on the leash, Harry will charge after any passing cyclist, rollerblader or skateboarder, often nipping at their ankles.

For Brooks, light is an obsession. At an early age, some played with Brooks with a light pen, and he has never gotten over the experience. Any shadow, and change in light, will set him off. If a butterfly passes by, he ignores the bug and chases its shadow. He is never calm, never relaxed. He is always, in the words of owner Lorain Nicholson, “in the game.”

In both cases, Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan will show how these dogs can get over their anxious obsession. And he will get results quickly with some basic, but essential techniques with the dogs. The most important aspect is Cesar shows how these dogs can be walked in such a manner that the leash becomes a tool for keeping them focused on the task at hand—walking, and not on bikes, or shadows or other distractions.

Season 1 | Episode 6 | Coach and Sueki

The Alberts loved their Boxer, Moca, so much they decided to adopt another Boxer named Coach. Unfortunately, Coach was nothing like Moca. Coach is destructive from the start and to make matters worse, he becomes aggressive, biting and attacking people. When a man claims that Coach attacked him, he reports the incident to the pound, who in turn cite the Alberts. John and Stella fear for their children and in a desperate moment, decide to put Coach down. With the clock ticking, Coach gets a stay of execution when Cesar Millan comes to the rescue. Can Coach be saved before it’s too late?

Sueki the Shitzu, won’t walk on a leash. Period. No matter what Eula and Anthom Manocchi do, their sweet Sueki won’t budge! Sueki also has the annoying habit of waking up Eula in the middle of the night by scratching on the door. Sueki won’t stop until Eula takes her out and sits with her on the patio.

Coach and Sueki have very different problems, however both dogs are disrupting their households. With Coach’s aggression and Sueki’s obstinence, Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan shows us how to change the behavior of an alpha dog.

Season 1 | Episode 7 | Slick and Pepper

Michael Seligman produces the Academy Awards but his dog needs acting lessons to make him socially adept. Every time Slick, a rare white Puli, gets around other dogs he gets stage fright and hides behinds Michael’s legs. Michael and his girlfriend Teresa, rescued Slick from a life of living in a crate for fifteen hours a day. He lives in Beverly Hills now, but doesn’t really enjoy his Hollywood lifestyle because he’s so fear ridden.

Pepper is a cute dog with a sour disposition. He thinks he owns the entire studio where Christopher has his business. If anyone comes in, they need to bow to the master or they will get their heels nipped. Ironically, despite his territorial disposition, Pepper is also very skittish. Christopher rescued the dog and he learned that Pepper’s previous owner abused him. Cesar Millan will have to show Christopher how to a) get the dog to relax and b) regain control of his studio.

Both Pepper and Slick are rescue dogs dealing with different issues – aggression and fear. Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan will show us how to help Pepper and Slick recover from a past filled with abuse and cruelty.

Season 1 | Episode 8 | Ava and Gus

Nadia Krim recently lost her beloved macho bulldog Barkley. In the wake of his absence, she was reticent to “replace” him, but felt that Ava, a fluffy female Pug/Pekinese was a far enough cry from Barkley. While Ava looks cute in the many costumes Nadia outfits her with, it’s difficult to admire while she’s spinning. Ava swiftly rotates counter clockwise for all occasions: when she’s happy, nervous, scared, sad, etc. She often finds herself underfoot, worrying her owner. Cesar is concerned with this case, as it may be a neurological, rather than behavioral, problem. Will Ava’s affliction be beyond Cesar’s expertise?

14 month old Gus greets people by throwing his 100 pound body at them, regardless of their age, gender or size. He can easily topple a smaller person not prepared for his overpowering expression of love. Also, given a herding instinct at birth, Gus never allows his owners to walk too far away from one another. True to form, he will swing wide around one of them, and prod them back to the “flock.” Cesar takes note of this behavior as a possible clue to what Gus may need in his life. Will Cesar’s hunch regarding Gus’ natural inclination work to calm down this bouncing Bouvier? Only a unique experiment will show if Cesar is, yet again, correct.

Ava and Gus, both overly excited dogs. Be it spinning or jumping, this behavior is beginning to drive both owners’ crazy. Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan will point both cases towards a docile family life, using very different tactics.

Season 1 | Episode 9 | Churchill and Maya

When it comes to pets, sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. Single mom, Athena Blakely and her daughters wouldn’t mind if sometimes Maya, their affable Pit bull, would make herself a little less at home. Maya insists on being intimately involved in all operations of the household, including dinner (stealing the food off of the stove), yard work (biting the rake & digging up the garden), leisure time (biting the girls’ ankles when they play on the swings), and even sanitation (swiping the garbage from the kitchen bin and burying it in Athena’s bed).

Stephanie Caspian had a dream about puppies and when she woke up, she decided that she and her husband, Amir, would go look at dogs at the shelter. A beautiful Rott/Shepherd mix stole their hearts and “Churchill” went home with his new family. Churchill is a well mannered dog except when he’s around other dogs or small animals—then he turns into Cujo. Churchill recently bit a neighbor and we’ll be there when he gets released from the dog shelter.


The stories in this episode are about the importance of taking control of your dog. Whether playful to the verge of annoyance or feisty to the point of posing a danger to others, Maya and Churchill both crave effective discipline in their lives.

Season 1 | Episode 10 | Bubba and Garret

Heidi Wasserman inherited Bubba, a Maltese, whose previous owner spoiled him rotten. Now Bubba is a very possessive dog. If someone gets up to simply leave the room to Bubba will nip at them, in an attempt to make them stay. Bubba also guards his objects with ferocity. In addition, he has quirky neuroses, such as jumping up on the dashboard of the car when Heidi runs the windshield wipers. The challenge for Cesar will be to get this anxious dog calm and focused.

Sheila and Joel Malavasi bought Garrett, a German Shepard, from a breeder when he was just a puppy. The breeder told Sheila and Joel that Garrett did chase his tail, but other than that he was a healthy, normal puppy. From the first day home, Garrett chased his tail, constantly. Walking Garrett was out of the question. Sheila and Joel tried everything to stop the tail chasing – from pinch collars to an East coast dog psychologist to expensive vets – nothing worked. Sheila has accepted the fact that her dog will always be spinning. She is beyond hope and is concerned for the health and sanity of her dog.

Bubba and Garrett have very different problems but one common symptom – anxiety. Can Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan help relive Bubba’s neuroses and help straighten out Garrett?

Season 1 | Episode 11 | Emily

With her white German shepherd, “Shep,” Cynthia Holvenstot is another dog owner who suffers from too much of a good thing. When Shep wants affection, he’s never shy about jumping on top of her…often while she’s trying to work in her garden. Here’s the catch – since Cynthia is wheelchair-bound, Shep’s “loving” often leaves her helpless on the ground, with her chair on its side. Add Shep’s mounting aggressive attitude towards strangers, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Holly, a Shepherd/Corgi mix puppy, was found running down a busy street two and a half years ago. Her name is Holly because Annette Barnett found her on Thanksgiving (Holly is short for Holiday). Just after adopting Holly from the pound, Annette paid thousands of dollars in vet bills THEN the true Holly came out. In addition to being overly protective and aggressive, Holly goes ballistic when she sees any man wearing rubber boots and a hat. This is particularly a problem because Annette’s boyfriend, Michael likes to fish.

The stories in this episode are about the importance of taking control of your dog. Whether playful to the verge of annoyance or feisty to the point of posing a danger to others, Shep and Holly both crave effective discipline in their lives. Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan will show Cynthia and Annette the importance of teaching your dog to become “calm / submissive.”

Season 1 | Episode 12 | Hank and Paris

Marsha Alexander has been rescuing animals for most of her life. Her newest project, Hank, a rescued Mastiff, had previously been seriously abused and neglected. A determined animal lover, Marsha has been slowly able to work with him, and there is no doubt he has come a long way. Unfortunately, window panes, door frames, walls, and anything else Hank can get his teeth on have been ruined. The furniture has been chewed to the point of it being worthless. In addition to all of this, Hank has no tolerance for people walking by his gate. The barking is incessant, intimidating and seemingly impossible for Marsha to control. She is worried that Hank will soon hurt someone and that she will have to have him put to sleep.

The name Paris seemed an obvious choice for Nelson Chang’s fashion conscious long haired Chihuahua. Paris’ many outfits have made him something of a celebrity on the streets of Hollywood. The clothes give him a magnetic quality, drawing admirers who come over to pick him up or pet him. However, Paris has been known to bark and even snap at these strangers. Also, the temperamental Paris often refuses to listen to Nelson, darting out into the street and refusing to come back. The behavior both worries and embarrasses his owner. Nelson hopes Cesar can help Paris handle the affection he receives from all of his fans on the street. Explaining Paris’ need to just be a dog, Cesar begins to move things back to the proper order, but must walk a fine line so that he doesn’t break Paris of his personality.

Paris and Hank both have the good fortune to be with people who love them. What they need is simply a little more direction to make sure the dogs don’t go off the deep end. Cesar’s instruction will hopefully turn these people into the perfect dog owners.

Season 1 | Episode 13 | Shep and Sasha

With her white German shepherd, “Shep,” Cynthia Holvenstot is another dog owner who suffers from too much of a good thing. When Shep wants affection, he’s never shy about jumping on top of her…often while she’s trying to work in her garden. Here’s the catch – since Cynthia is wheelchair-bound, Shep’s “loving” often leaves her helpless on the ground, with her chair on its side. Add Shep’s mounting aggressive attitude towards strangers, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Holly, a Shepherd/Corgi mix puppy, was found running down a busy street two and a half years ago. Her name is Holly because Annette Barnett found her on Thanksgiving (Holly is short for Holiday). Just after adopting Holly from the pound, Annette paid thousands of dollars in vet bills THEN the true Holly came out. In addition to being overly protective and aggressive, Holly goes ballistic when she sees any man wearing rubber boots and a hat. This is particularly a problem because Annette’s boyfriend, Michael likes to fish.

The stories in this episode are about the importance of taking control of your dog. Whether playful to the verge of annoyance or feisty to the point of posing a danger to others, Shep and Holly both crave effective discipline in their lives. Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan will show Cynthia and Annette the importance of teaching your dog to become “calm / submissive.”

Season 1 | Episode 14 | Jake and King Hollywood director and producer Bob Weide and his wife Linda had not intended to be dog owners. However, during a trip to the SPCA, the couple was expecting to simply drop off some cat toys, not leave with Jake, a mixed breed dog who caught their eyes. Now Jake is a member of the Weide family. Unfortunately, while on walks, Jake tends to mind Bob, but when Linda has the reigns, he goes crazy at the sight of any other animal. This battle on the leash has bruised Linda’s hands and possibly given her tendonitis. She’s convinced that this behavior is part of who Jake is, and there is no hope for rehabilitation. Chantel Valdivieso, a ten year old child actress, loves palling around with her big brother, a four year old, 150 pound Rottweiler, King. Her mother, Teresa, has recently become concerned about Chantel and King on walks. All of Chantel’s might is hardly enough for King to even take notice. He is now becoming aggressive as well, lunging at other dogs in the neighborhood, with Chantel in tow. Jake and King are both causing their owner’s headaches as soon as the leash goes on. Though Linda holds no hope and Chantel is overpowered, will Cesar’s guidelines give them the confidence they need?

Season 1 | Episode 15 | Lola and Scrawny

Allen Medvin and Tanya Vener breed Yorkies. They love their Yorkies so much that they let all 9 Yorkies sleep on their bed with them. Scrawny, one of the Yorkies, is Allen’s favorite. Allen pays so much attention to Scrawny that he’s created a monster in her. Scrawny will attack anyone or any dog that comes between her and her beloved Allen.

Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets and this rescued Dalmatian has her owners, Liz Dietz and Ed Lopez wrapped around her little paws. Lola lives in a beautiful Italian decorated house that matches her spots. She has even posed with her owners in an oil painting. Lola doesn’t know it but her spoiled days are about gone for good. No more pulling on walks, no more barking at everything. Lola is about to go on a diet and get in shape on her own treadmill.

Scrawny and Lola have different problems but both are disrupting their happy homes. Watch Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan help the owners of Scrawy and Lola regain control of their dogs – and their lives.

Season 1 | Episode 16 | Alice and J

Eight years ago, Janet Cantebury’s kids brought home J, a female Beagle. Janet had no clue this adorable Beagle would have so much baggage! J, now 12-years old, continues her unpredictable, strange aggression. For no reason, J may start barking or growling viciously. After J nipped the leg of a postal lady, the Post Office stopped delivering not only Janet’s mail, but the entire neighborhood’s mail! Now Janet is dealing with a lawsuit, angry neighbors and the possible cancellation of her homeowner’s insurance. Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan comes to Janet and J’s rescue.


Alice was found on the street by Karen Erbach & Patrick Lawlor, when she an 8-week-old puppy. Alice had mange, worms and was in very bad shape, not to mention mean! Karen & Patrick tried to give Alice away, but nobody would take her. When they finally found a home for Alice, she bit her new owner and was promptly returned. Karen and Patrick felt compelled to keep Alice, even though she didn’t get along with their 2 other dogs. Alice has almost bitten off the ear of one of their dogs. The other dogs reject Alice, so she’s very depressed and aggressive – a lethal combination. Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan must teach Karen & Patrick how to properly socialize Alice so she can live harmoniously with the other dogs – and her owners.

Season 1 | Episode 17 | Caper and Julius

Daniela and Chad adopted Caper, a miniature Doberman Pinscher, from a rescue organization, only to find that she had never been trained, doing whatever she wants to do, whenever she wants to do it. Her weird behaviors include running away to chase balls, sitting in her safety bed for only a few seconds at a time, running like mad around the backyard in a game with the cat, and barking at you to get a ball. Daniela doesn’t like to yell at Caper, but finds herself getting stressed out when she cannot control her. Cesar’s help will hopefully give Daniela peace of mind.

Julius is a four-year-old Pit Bull mix that was abandoned in a field when he was about five weeks old. He was discovered about a week later covered with mange, cold and wet. Julius is frightened of everything, even a leaf flying across the yard. He hates to go outside. He is terrified of strangers and excessively protective of the house and the car.

Caper and Julius are two dogs with unacceptable social skills. Whether it’s running wild or cowering in fear, Cesar Millan needs to convince their owners that this behavior can be overcome. Can his calm assertive approach work for these misfit mutts?

Season 1 | Episode 18 | Bella and Jordan

Elisa & Nicole enjoy their large Italian family; however the family is not enjoying Bella anymore! Bella is a 2-year old Border Terrier that bites anyone that comes near the house or near the family. All entertaining at the Francescon home has stopped, because friends and family are afraid of Bella. Bella will not follow commands and seems untrainable. Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan will have a challenge on his hands with Bella!


Bill got Jordan from a breeder when Jordan was about 2-months old – he was the runt of the litter. Jordan is now 2-years old, but acts the same as he did when he was a puppy. Jordan is very excitable around everyone – he jumps up and down on them. Skateboards, basketballs and especially sprinkler hoses set him off. Jordan will bite the object repeatedly. Jordan seems to have an obsessive fascination with water. Bill thought that Bulldogs were usually very mellow, lazy types of dogs, but Jordan seems to be the exact opposite. Can Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan change Jordan into the calm / submissive dog Bill longs for? Tune in to find out…

Season 1 | Episode 19 | Sunshine and Teddy

Sunshine is a perfect champion Doberman in the show ring but on street, she can’t wait to get her teeth on another dog. Any time another canine approaches her, she attacks it. Also, she has become terribly attached to Michelle, her owner…so much so that Michelle can’t even go out on dates alone! Michelle would like Sunshine to be cured of her aggressiveness and separation anxiety so that she can become balanced, both when alone, and around others.

Yellow Labs are know to be friendly, and 7-year old Teddy certainly looks the part, but in reality, he’s dangerously= unpredictable, biting at will. His owners, Lisa and Steve, are constantly on guard, afraid that he’ll bite someone trying to pet him. The problem has increased to the point that they are afraid to go to dog parks. Teddy has even bitten Lisa twice, and has attacked more than one stranger. Lisa and Steve are afraid that Cesar will need padded suit in order to even get close to Teddy, let alone correct him.

Aggressive dogs are Cesar’s specialty, but these two will pose unique challenges. Sunshine not only is aggressive, but also terribly insecure without Michelle.Teddy has become so fearsome, he’s hardly approachable. Will Cesar be able to tame these dogs… and also re-train their owners?

Season 1 | Episode 20 | Pepsi and Goldie

Goldie is a Brittany Spaniel who thinks she’s a sled dog when she goes for a walk. Goldie is a wonderful, friendly dog but she doesn’t know how to walk on a leash. When she goes on walks she pulls so hard she chokes herself. Goldie doesn’t know that her human Mom is Jackie Zeman, one of the longest running soap stars on General Hospital. The only other thing that Goldie does is bark at female dogs.


Pepsi is a beautiful German Shepherd who loves his owner Marcela but hates other dogs and cats. Pepsi only listens to Marcela which makes her husband nervous. Marcela would love Pepsi to get along with everyone especially her fluffy Persian cat.

Season 1 | Episode 21 | Nicki

Nicki, a 4-year old black Rottweiler, suffered terribly in his first life. His first owners were a homeless man and woman who left him tied under a bridge with a painful wire hanger collar. Nicki was rescued and taken to a vet who had to surgically remove the wire collar that had grown into his neck. His next owner wanted a watchdog and not a pet so Nicki lived a lonely life, always outside on a cement slab. Then, Nicki was rescued once again by Kathleen Daniels and her son, Donald, who had just lost their own beloved Rottweiler of twelve years. Nicki’s story, however, doesn’t have a happy ending yet. Kathleen is unable to walk Nicki, because he is so violently dog aggressive that she’s afraid he’ll hurt or kill another dog.

Nicki’s deadly dog aggression will put Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan’s talents to the test.

Season 1 | Episode 22 | Percy and Justice

Percy, a picture-perfect three year old West Highland White Terrier, was rescued via the Internet and now has come to live with Diane Engstrom. Percy is a handful, biting anyone who tries to touch his hindquarters. Also, his aggressiveness towards children is what landed him in the adoption center to begin with.

Before Robert Bias got his Pit Bull, Justice as a gift, his family home was quiet, dominated by a laid-back Retriever-Lab mix named Smokey. Now that Justice has arrived, however, there’s no peace in their back yard. Justice is constantly harassing Smokey, and Robert fears her playfulness is escalating toward dangerous aggression. Justice is a high energy dog, but is afraid to go for a walk. She once escaped from the backyard and was hit by a car. Since then she never wants to leave, and when she does, she won’t budge on the leash. She just stays behind the fence, barking and growling aggressively at other dogs who pass by.

Both these dogs lash out in fear. Cesar needs to walk a delicate line while addressing the problems so that no one (human or animal) gets hurt in the process. Helping these dogs become more comfortable with their day to day life will not only keep them balanced, but will also change their owner’s lives.

Season 1 | Episode 23 | Buddy and Stewart

Stewart, a Chow/Golden Retriever mix, was rescued from the pound by Damon and Deborah Carr who chose her because she was the only dog in the shelter that wasn’t barking. As soon as Stewart became familiar with her new home, the barking began. Any time Stewart is in an uncomfortable or new situation she starts to bark and growl. The Carrs’ greatest fear is that Stewart is becoming increasingly fearful-aggressive toward children. They wish Stewart would be calm and relaxed and not feel the need to bark all the time.

Johnny Johnson got Buddy, a Beagle mix, as a surprise for his 9-year old daughter, Alexandra. Buddy has a plethora of odd behaviors, but his strangest fear showed up a month after coming to live with his new family. Every time Johnny turns on the hose, Buddy runs for the house. If Buddy even hears the nozzle being turned on, he’ll run for his life. Buddy is also terrified of the pool. When the family goes swimming, Buddy will cower in the corner. Buddy also bites people’s shoes as they walk or run by him. One of Buddy’s most annoying problem is that he sniffs people all over. He mostly goes for the crotch area and gooses people from behind, especially visiting women. Can Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan teach Buddy better manners?

Season 1 | Episode 24 | Lucy and Lizzie

Lucy is an odd Dalmatian. At times, she suddenly screams and attacks her tail. At others, she snarls towards larger dogs. Once they notice her, she turns in circles and attacks her own tail. She is affectionate one minute and biting the next. Caroline and Ron, Lucy’s owners, have just had a baby, 3-week old Callison. Concerned for the safety of her child but worried that abandoning Lucy would be a death sentence, they are looking to Cesar for help. This may be Cesar’s toughest challenge yet. Can he save this unusual dog?

Lizzie, a Red Tick Elizabethan Beagle, seems to be on an endless mission. She is obsessed with running, inside or outside. She has worn the grass in the Ortopan’s backyard down to the soil, creating her own track. While their vet has noted that Lizzie certainly gets enough exercise, he has diagnosed the dog as obsessive compulsive. Cesar must figure out a way for the family to redirect this seeming endless amount of energy. Will it be possible for him to convince this marathon runner to take a break?

Dogs that drive their owners crazy are not strangers to Cesar. However, with conditions that could be harmful to a small child and an exercise regimen that could be harmful to the dog itself, will Cesar be able to restore balance and keep everyone safe?

Season 1 | Episode 25 | Daisy and Sophie

Rochelle Wyse and Melissa Sanders rescued Sophie, a herding dog mix, because they thought she’d be good dog around horses. Much to their chagrin, Sophie is a royal pain in the horse—she likes to bite their noses, and even though she’s been kicked, she loves to nip and chase them. Rochelle has taken Sophie to obedience class, tried to socialize her, and read lots of dog books but Sophie insists on “horsing around”.

Daisy is a beautiful yellow Lab who is in “charge” of the Benda Family. Whenever someone attempts to leave or enter the house, Daisy charges the door and tries to go out first. The only way they can get in or out of the house is by throwing food or having someone call Daisy from another part of the house, to distract her. In addition to charging the door, Daisy obsessively humps dogs and people alike. Daisy also won’t go in her crate or dog run and she’s rapidly demolishing the Benda’s swing rope. In short, Daisy is driving the Benda Family crazy. They need Cesar Millan’s help…and fast!

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