‘The Dog Whisperer With Cesar Millan’ Season 5 Episode Guide

Season 5 | Episode 1 | Fluffy, Kuma, and Molly

Cirque Du Soleil’s “O” at the Bellagio in Las Vegas showcases Adir Ionov’s acrobatic talents 60 feet in the air. But after a long night of clinging to trapeze bars and sailing steel ships through the sky, Adir has one more feat ahead of him before he goes to bed: He needs to walk Fluffy.

The three year old Maltese has given Adir and his wife Anastasiia problems with the leash and walk ever since they’ve been together. Fluffy has never, ever liked wearing the leash. As soon as it’s on, Fluffy just freezes. If they try to walk him, he lies down on his side. If Adir stands him up, he’ll simply stand there like a statue. But as soon as the leash comes off, he runs and romps like a normal dog. Because he refuses to be walked, Fluffy often relieves himself throughout the house. He even shows teeth and barks at Anastasiia when she tries to pet him. Adir and Anastasiia know that Fluffy needs structure, but they need Cesar to jump start their new regime. Can Cesar help this star from “O,” or will Fluffy have to go?

Stranger-Hating Eskimo

Jason Zulauf, a featured player in Cirque du Soleil’s show “Ka” at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, always had dogs when he was growing up. Once he was on his own, he knew that he wanted his own dog. He got Kuma, an American Eskimo, at a pet shop 2 years ago. From the start, Kuma detested strangers entering the house and her shrill bark has been echoing through the home as a statement of protest. When a visitor arrives, she’ll bark and circle the person continuously. If she gets cornered and a stranger attempts to pet her, she’ll show her teeth and growl. Kuma even drew blood on Jason’s father’s hand during a family visit. With people that come over often, such as Cheri Haight, Jason’s girlfriend and co-performer in “Ka,” Kuma will jump relentlessly, ramming into the guests with her front legs. To discipline Kuma, Jason will usually tell her “no” and put her in her cage. Once there, she’ll continue to bark and ignore Jason. In an effort to reduce Kuma’s anxieties, Jason got a Corgi puppy, Chewy. The dogs get along fine, but Jason is concerned that Chewy may pick up Kuma’s bad habits. While Kuma’s owners are used to the grueling challenges of Cirque du Soleil, is Cesar ready for the Cirque du Kuma?


Paul Cameron is an accomplished acrobat in the company of Cirque du Soleil’s “Mystere” at Treasure Island, Las Vegas. Wanting a dog and aware of the scorching summers in Las Vegas, the Canadian native decided to get a breed that would take to water quickly. That’s when Paul found 8-week-old Molly, a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, from a breeder in Oregon. Oddly enough, this water dog quickly developed a fear of water. Because of the extreme Nevada heat, exercising the dog in water is a no-brainer, but not if your dog is petrified of the pool. Paul cannot coax Molly into the water

Season 5 | Episode 2 | Tobi and Riley

After grieving the death of their previous dog, the Pinner family, Jackie, Chuck, Ryan, Elizabeth, and Cheyenne, decided it was time for a new dog. It was a unanimous decision among the family to get a puppy. After scouring the internet, the Pinners came upon Tobi, a two month old Sheepdog/Collie mix. Tobi was easy to potty train and excelled at obeying basic commands.

But when basic training ended, Tobi stayed in command. When the Pinner children invite friends over, Tobi is the first to make them feel unwelcome, lunging and trying to bite them. Once things calm down, if anyone makes a sudden movement and runs upstairs he’ll chase and nip at them. He also nips people when they start to leave the house. Tobi now has to be locked in the garage when visitors come to call. Jackie wants Cesar to teach the family how to be the pack leaders in their house. Cesar arrives with a plan for the Pinners. Can they turn around totally, territorial Tobi?

Riley and the Twenty Step Program

When the Smith family decided to get a new dog, it was decided that they would get a St. Bernard. Riley joined Patti, Jim, Allison, and Michelle Smith when he was four months old. From the beginning, Riley was notably skittish, jumping at the sound of his food bowl and running from guests. These fears quickly passed, but one phobia continued to escalate: Riley’s fear of the stairs. The now 11 month old, 141 pound St. Bernard is fine with staying downstairs, but the Smiths would like that to change. When it’s bath time, Riley must be sprayed with the hose outside because the only bathtub is on the upper level of the house. Jim, the man of the house, refuses to take on the back-breaking task of carrying him up the stairs. The family has tried numerous techniques to coax Riley up the stairs. They set delicious treats on each step leading to the second floor, they use honey baked ham, and they try everything from pulling, to leading, to calling Riley from the top step, but to no avail. Riley just won’t budge. Cesar Millan arrives in Moorpark, California to help Riley reach the top tier of Smith home. Can Cesar step up to the challenge?

Season 5 | Episode 3 | Cricket and Hemingway & Rigby

After their children moved out, Lyndon and Cynthia Murray thought a dog might fill their newly empty nest. Through a breeder they bought Cricket, an 8 week old British white retriever. One month later, as they were settling into their routine, Cricket got hold of a sponge.

When Lyndon tried to take it from him, Cricket went berserk and Lyndon had to wrestle it away from him. Shortly after the sponge incident, Cricket was eating and growled at Lyndon as he walked by his bowl. Lyndon moved Cricket’s bowl into a more central open area, but the growling and aggression continued. He began to eat in a very hurried, panicked way. Even after the Murrays tried claiming the food the Cesar way, Cricket’s aggressive appetite only grew. Recently, Lyndon picked up a bone left on the ground that Cricket had finished eating, and Cricket came back and bit Lyndon on the arm. Lyndon and Cynthia admit they are inexperienced dog owners and really need Cesar’s help and guidance. Can Cesar cut Cricket’s aggressive cravings or will it cost Cesar an arm and a leg?

Rock and Roll Bulldog

Fall Out Boy bassist/lyricist Pete Wentz created a celebrity out of his three year old English Bulldog Hemmingway. The dog has appeared on magazine covers, in music videos with his owner, and even participated in Pete’s wedding to pop star Ashlee Simpson. The newlyweds found themselves with child and thought a playmate for Hemmingway would ease any new baby anxieties. Five month old English Bulldog Rigby joined the budding family, but Hemmingway’s dog aggression has Ashlee and Pete on their toes. Hemmingway has charged after Min Pins, attacked bull terriers, and even attacked Rigby. Ashlee is now over 7 months pregnant and as her due date rapidly approaches, she and Pete want to create a safe and balanced environment for their newborn. Will Cesar have these rock stars and their dogs singing a new tune?

Season 5 | Episode 4 | Bacchus and Jody

Hailie McGetrick and Heath Moore live in Long Beach with their massive, 150 pound, 2 year old Great Dane, Bacchus. The couple was set on socializing Bacchus properly and would take him to the dog park and dog beach nearly every weekend. They enrolled him in two different levels of obedience classes, in which he had no problems. Upon the enrollment of his third class, Bacchus’ social demeanor changed.Bacchus started lunging after dogs who passed by the group. He was fine with the other dogs in the class, but his behavior towards strange dogs escalated very quickly. He bit both a Golden Retriever and a Shepherd mix within a week of each other. Walks with Bacchus can be cumbersome when he rears up onto his back legs at the sight of another dog. Hailie and Heath both have trouble calming the canine down to a more manageable state of mind. They want to be able to enjoy themselves on walks with Bacchus and not worry about his behavior at the dog beach and dog park. Can Cesar reinstate this once Great Dane?

Jody’s Dirty Little Secret

Christina Huey resides with her husband Matthew and their two children Adam and Ashley. It seems like a full house, but there is one more mouth to feed, 2 year old Lhasa Apso Jody. Jody came from Christina’s grandparents who thought Jody’s excessive appetite was normal puppy behavior. Now that Jody is with the Huey’s, she’s eating them out of house and home. The Lhasa Apso will chow on anything she can get her paws on. If it’s left on the floor, it’s as good as gone. Jody once swallowed needles from a sewing kit and cost the Hueys a $600 vet visit. If anyone tries to remove objects from Jody’s mouth, Jody will bite without hesitation. Jody has even picked up a nasty habit of eating her own feces. The Hueys would like to rid Jody of her enormous appetite, but aren’t sure how to lay the rules out on the table. Can Cesar eliminate Jody’s hunger pangs?

Season 5 | Episode 5 | Stanley, Shoven and Leo

Alison Smith found Stanley, a surly Chihuahua mix, while volunteering at the ASPCA in New York. He instantly bonded with Alison and adjusted to life with her, but everything changed after they made the move cross country to Los Angeles. It started when Stanley ran up to a jogger who was passing by and bit him on the leg. The jogger reported the incident and Stanley had to be quarantined for ten days.

Upon his return, Stanley was much more aggressive to dogs, visitors in the house, and passersby. When someone knocks on the door, Alison stashes Stanley in the bedroom. Even worse, he usually tries to attack her when she leaves. Now, Alison feels like a leper in her own neighborhood. She hired two trainers to help Stanley, but she has only succeeded in training other dog owners to cross the street when they see her and Stanley on a walk. Allison is at a loss of what to do. Can Cesar sanitize Stanley’s surly demeanor?

Shushing Shoven

Barry and Debbie Fisher are a happily married couple in Newbury Park, California and the proud owners of two Pomeranians: Shoven and Gina. From the moment the Fishers wake up, Shoven watches them anxiously, dreading the moment they leave for work. When Barry closes the door, they can hear Shoven’s shrill bark all the way to the car, and they are greeted with the same sound when they arrive home in the evening. Shoven’s separation anxiety doesn’t stop there. Shoven will go into a whirling, uncontrollable frenzy whenever anyone leaves the car he is riding in. Debbie and Barry would love to incorporate Shoven into the lives more, but they fear if they take him anywhere that he will jump out of the car window or sneak out the door. Because of his small stature, he could easily hurt himself or zip out under another car and get hit. The Fishers are tired of casting for a solution. Can Cesar calm this problematic Pomeranian?

Nail in the Coughin’

About two years ago, Lori Polydoros and her husband Dan Hubbard found Leo at the Orange County Animal Shelter. He displayed fear aggression right away, but with the help of a trainer, Lori was able to work that issue out. Since then, Leo has developed a peculiar issue. Whenever Lori coughs, Leo will go out the doggie door to the backyard and climb up onto the fence and walk around, as if on a tight rope. If anyone else coughs, Leo doesn’t react. Now it’s to the point where, when Lori is sick, she strains to avoid coughing so that he won’t try to run away. This is distressing because he sometimes falls off and hurts himself or he jumps off the other side and runs away. When he gets out of the backyard, he loves cruising around the neighborhood. He’s been found by the neighbors several times and has shown up at the local shelter twice. Lori has even found him pawing at their front door at 2am. Lori and Dan’s dream outcome would be to have a less anxious dog. They want Leo to be comfortable in the house and not feel like he needs to escape. Can Cesar cure this canine’s crazy condition?

Season 5 | Episode 6 | Hyde & Vada and Nacho

Holly Thacker and Robert Edman started looking for a dog about three years ago. They wanted to get something out of the ordinary and ultimately decided on a wolf hybrid. They first bought Hyde, but within a week, they were contacted by another breeder who told them about Vada.

The two dogs joined Robert, Holly, and their menagerie of exotic animals without incident. But after a couple of months, Hyde began displaying food aggression, growling when anyone approached him during feeding time. Then, Vada began displaying dog aggression on walks, and it wasn’t long before Hyde followed suit. Unfortunately, Hyde’s aggression is much more vicious than Vada’s. Hyde gets on his hind legs, bares his teeth, and lunges for the other dogs. Weighing more than one hundred pounds, he is very difficult to control. Cesar must help these wild wolves get used to domestic bliss, but do Holly and Robert have what it takes to answer Cesar’s call of the wild?

Little Vicious Nacho

Daniel and Gloria Don have been married for 35 years. In that time, they’ve had many dogs and never had a problem until now. Chihuahua Nacho was 2 months old when Daniel brought him home as a gift and Gloria immediately fell in love with him. At first, Nacho didn’t have any problems, but when he was a little over a year old, Gloria was sitting with him on a camping trip and a little boy came up to meet him. Out of the blue, Nacho bit the boy. Gloria was shocked. Since then, everything has changed. Much of Nacho’s aggression often comes out when he has a toy. If you try to take it away from him, he’ll bite. He’s also very possessive of Gloria who claims she has established herself as his leader, but still can’t prevent his misbehavior. Luke Kimball, Gloria and Daniel’s 14 year old grandson and frequent visitor has a love-hate relationship with Nacho. Luke admits his play often encourages aggression in Nacho – a dangerous game between them. The Dons need Cesar to show Daniel and Luke how to be Nacho’s pack leader. Can Cesar take the bite out of this spicy Nacho?

Season 5 | Episode 7 | Sadie and Calder

When their two children started begging for a dog, Allen and Erin Carrasco warmed to the idea. Then they saw Basset Hound Sadie on the news and instantly fell in love with her droopy face. She had no visible issues at her foster home, but once adopted by the Carrascos, her fear of Allen was apparent. Sadie whined and moaned whenever Allen was around.She shook if placed in Allen’s lap, and refused to approach him, even when he offered her treats. Now, a year later, nothing changed Sadie’s behavior toward Allen. She still moans, whines, and tries to avoid him. If Allen pushes the issue and gets too close to her, eventually she just rolls over and pees. Making matters worse, the couple cannot agree on the sourced of the problem. Allen blames Erin, saying she doesn’t follow through. Erin points the finger at Allen, saying he resents Sadie too much. Erin thinks they can work out the issues, but Allen insists it will never resolve unless Erin takes stronger steps to correct the situation. Now it’s up to Cesar to remove this bone of contention between the couple and help Sadie warm up to Allen. Can Cesar help the Carrascos find some common ground?

Blue Heeler Bedtime Blues

Joe Janiga and his wife Margretta Hansen both had dogs growing up, but their blue heeler mix Calder is the first dog the couple has raised together. Now six years old, Calder is a great dog by day, but bedtime rituals unleash unwelcome night terrors. As soon as Margretta or Joe starts walking down the hallway towards the bedroom Calder becomes very anxious. He circles around, growls, and whines in the bedroom and if someone closes the door on him, he’ll throw himself against the door and bark ferociously. Margretta and Joe are not afraid of Calder. His behavior is more stressful than anything else, especially when they’re trying to wind down at the end of the day. Can Cesar corral Calder and ease these blue heeler bedtime blues?

Season 5 | Episode 8 | Paris, Bandit, NuNu, Amalie, Peanut

“Chihuahua’s from Hell” highlights the demonic demeanors of one of Dog Whisperer’s most challenging breeds. In this one-hour special, Cesar revisits the hellacious stories of Paris, Bandit, and NuNu as well more recent stories like Amalie, the Mastiff dominating Chihuahua mix. Peanut, another devil dog, terrorized her owner’s family with her salty disposition.

Nacho proved to be a rather unappetizing dish for Gloria Don and her grandson Luke. And Binkey’s two legged tantrums were a challenge for Sylvie and Jon Forrest. But these Chihuahuas pale in comparison to the ruler of them all – El Diablo. Liesl Wilhardt adopted El Diablo in an attempt to turn around his aggression toward people, and as Cesar Millan points out, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. With updates on past stories and the redeeming journey of El Diablo, Cesar shows how even a Chihuahua from Hell can be heaven sent.

Season 5 | Episode 9 | Charlotte, Elvis and Jack

When soap opera star Eileen Davidson and World Poker Tour host Vince Van Patten decided to get a dog for their family, they opted for a Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier puppy. As soon as the dog, named Charlotte, arrived at the house, she jumped out of the car, pounced on their son Jesse, and caused him to fall and hit his head on the bumper of their car.

Jesse got off to a rocky start with Charlotte, but after a couple weeks developed a love-hate relationship with her. Playtime with Charlotte often turns a little rough. Charlotte bites and wrestles with Jesse and sometimes Jesse will even bite her back. When Jesse or any of the other kids are in the pool, Charlotte jumps in and tries to get at them. Even though she is just playing, she claws at the children and often scares them. Eileen and Vince are ready to control this puppy behavior before it gets out of hand and someone is seriously hurt. Cesar arrives to help this Hollywood couple and the rest of their family find some peace with their new puppy.

The Unstoppable Elvis

Jack Russell Terrier Elvis came into Alex Tillson’s life in 1999 when she purchased him from a breeder. She had done her research and had met Elvis’ parents and saw nothing unusual about them. But ever since he was a puppy, Elvis has had a weird fixation with the dishwasher and garbage disposal. Elvis has been known to jump 3 feet straight into the air when Alex or her husband Bill uses the garbage disposal. And each time the dishwasher starts, Elvis lunges at it. Elvis’ aggression isn’t just toward home appliances, it also applies to dogs. The first indication of Elvis’ dog aggression problems took place when a dog barked and startled Elvis as a puppy. From that point on, Elvis was skittish around other dogs, and over the next few years the trend worsened and Elvis’ dog aggression grew. He just wanted to kill other dogs. Bill and Alex are tired of Elvis’ kitchen tantrums and his animosity toward other dogs. Cesar offers to help Elvis sing a different tune, but can he make Elvis’ dog and appliance aggression leave the building?

K-9 Phobia

Jim Solis has been a Fish and Game Warden for 23 years and since detection K-9s are a big part of his career, he thought that his 3 ½ year old black Lab Jack would be a perfect fit as his partner. Jim had Jack evaluated and Jack did very well. He’s great at using his nose and has excellent prey drive which is mandatory to become a detection K-9. But in order for Jack to be enrolled into the K-9 Program, he must get over his apprehension of slick and shiny floors. Once Jack enters a room with linoleum or tile floors, his tail goes between his legs and he has to be coaxed or dragged in. As a Detection K-9, Jack needs to enter many kinds of buildings and structures – airports, boats, kitchens, bathrooms, and post offices without any hesitation and be able to concentrate on finding contraband or evidence. Jim is unsure where this fear started, but he knows it must end if Jack is to become a Detection K-9. Cesar travels to the central coast of California to help Jack become a true working dog.

Season 5 | Episode 10 | Chloe, Hobo, Ali and Maxwell

Joan Blank had a high-powered career as a fashion executive until she quit her job to become a full time certified therapeutic riding instructor. At Strides/Sinlimites Therapeutic Riding Center, Joan strives to provide physically, mentally, and emotionally challenged individuals an opportunity for personal growth through horsemanship. The icing on the cake for Joan is that this working horse ranch allows her the freedom to bring her dogs to work.

Unfortunately Joan’s shepherd mix Chloe and Tibetan spaniel mix Hobo have a bad habit of chasing after the working horses. Meanwhile, a 22 year old mare named Cupcake is having troubles of her own. Her bucking and kicking often frightens the riders, many of which are children. Joan and the staff at Strides/Sinlimites are in desperate need of the ultimate tag team for canine and equine behavior. Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan rides in with Horse Whisperer Pat Parelli to insure that everything is OK at the Strides/Sinlimites Corral.

Downtown Ali

Tiffani Hamilton and her fiancé Jonathon McAllister have two dogs, 1-1/2 year old boxer Ali, and 3 year old Schnauzer Poodle mix Maxwell. Maxwell joined the family first, coming from a local shelter in 2005. Ali was adopted in 2007 from a different shelter, where Tiffani works. Although Ali is deaf, Jonathan and Tiffani have successfully taught him hand signals. But Ali is not the problem. The much smaller Maxwell is the family member with separation anxiety and extreme dog aggression. When Tiffani and Jonathon leave their apartment, they can hear Maxwell’s barking and whining all the way down the hall. On walks, this misbehaving mix will do anything to get to the other dogs that pass on the street – no matter their size. Living in downtown Los Angeles, Tiffani and Jonathan worry that Maxwell will get loose and either be hit by a car or hurt by another dog. Can Cesar teach some street smarts to this downtown dog?

Season 5 | Episode 11 | Puppy Mills: Made in the USA

On May 1, 2008, World Kennels in Lancaster, CA was ordered to release 75 dogs and puppies to local shelters after an investigation revealed the kennel was over its state approved limit. The investigation was prompted by Last Chance for Animals, a national, non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating animal exploitation through education, investigations, and legislation.

The following day, World Kennels agreed to discreetly release another 40 dogs to LCA, and among these dogs were Sophie, a 5 year old Pekingese, and Lovey, a 6 year old Yorkshire Terrier. LCA volunteer Kim Sill offered to foster the two dogs but was unprepared for the problems they possessed. Kim was the first human outside the kennels to have contact with Sophie. From day one, Sophie has been aggressive to every person she comes in contact with, except for Kim, to whom she is very attached. Lovey on the other hand, has no problems with people, except that she excessively licks them. Cesar comes in to help these two problem dogs, but after hearing their story, offers to show Last Chance for Animals how to work with puppy mill dogs from the moment they are picked up. Cesar tags along with LCA as they pick up a load of dogs from a potential puppy mill and help spread awareness about some of the illegal practices done in incompliant kennels.

Season 5 | Episode 12 | Boo and Brittany Dawg

A Pit bull can open an ice chest, get a drink out and deliver it. She can play dead, high-five, crawl and bow, but she is aggressive toward people and dogs. A dachshund exhibits aggression at feeding time and when it comes time to trim his nails.

Season 5 | Episode 13 | Bella

When Nate Hedges purchased 9-week old American bulldog Bella, he was living in a late night party house where people were constantly in and out and up at all hours. Sometimes, Nate would be gone an entire weekend, leaving Bella alone. Nate’s lifestyle sent him into a downward spiral.After losing his job and home, Nate entered a sober living facility for 5 months. Bella was boarded the entire time. And while Nate cleaned up his act, Bella evolved into a food, people, and dog aggressive pet. If anyone, even Nate, gets near her bowl, she will growl, bark, and lunge. Nate is afraid she will hurt a person or another dog by biting or attacking them. If Bella’s behavior doesn’t change, Nate will be forced to find a new home for her or worse, euthanize her. Cesar comes in to give Bella a healthy dose of rehab. Can Cesar bring in this bulldog on the edge?

Season 5 | Episode 14 | Buster, Jack & Marley and Sparky

Lauren Warshaw is the proud and dedicated owner of Club Doggie Grooming Salon, a professional mobile grooming service that handles the desert cities near Palm Springs, California. As the only employee of her company, Lauren strives to provide her clients with the same service and care she would want for her own dogs.Her mobile van is state of the art and she is well versed in how to handle most of her clients’ dogs but with three big exceptions: a wild, hyperactive Great Dane named Buster, a humping, blow dryer biting Boxer mix named Jack, and an extremely fearful Aussie mix named Marley. All three dogs are unmanageable without the help of their owners. Lauren would like to groom these dogs on her own, but needs Cesar’s expertise to get in gear.

Sparky’s Way vs. Cesar’s Way

Two years ago, Michael and Jenn Broussard were looking to adopt a dog when pit bull mix Sparky showed up in a cardboard box at their front gate. Soon after, they expanded their family to include Daisy, part Doberman, and Brisco, a Great Dane mix. The Broussards have practiced Cesar’s techniques and almost mastered them with Daisy and Brisco, but Sparky is another story. When other dogs pass by their house, Sparky charges the fence. When Michael or Jenn try to call her back to the house, she ignores them. If they go after her, she runs. They can’t tell if this is a game, or if the Sparky is scared. While they would love to walk Sparky on a daily basis, she just has too much energy. Sparky is almost impossible to control on walks. Cesar comes in to give the Broussards some tips on pack leading.

Season 5 | Episode 15 | Baby Girl

Suzie Dove Miles, though known for being a “cat whisperer,” was set on getting another Doberman, similar to one she had earlier in life. When she learned of a fearful Doberman mix at a shelter, she was careful to assess its “cat friendliness” before adopting. But once at home, Suzie found that “fearful” was an understatement. Eight year old Baby Girl went straight to Suzie’s laundry room and lay down.She wouldn’t eat or go to the bathroom. Baby Girl crawled everywhere. She was terrified of the linoleum floors and even the open cupboards in Suzie’s kitchen. Whenever there was a loud noise, whether a car was backfiring or the cats playing above her head, Baby Girl would freeze in a catatonic state. Even worse, every night at 9:30, Disneyland sets off their fireworks, and inadvertently, Baby Girl’s panicked state. Suzie is familiar with Cesar’s methodology and has tried many exercises with Baby Girl, but Suzie feels like she has hit a wall. She needs Cesar’s expertise to bring this dodging Doberman back to being a real dog.

Season 5 | Episode 16 | Bella, Rocky, and Madison & Catalina

Andrew and Danielle Anderson decided early on that they wanted to get two dogs. They did the research and decided on two pugs, Madison and Catalina. Everything was perfect. But, after an incident with the neighbor’s dog and the addition of a stray Chihuahua mix to the pack, the Anderson’s amiable canines have gone after each other for blood.For no apparent reason, Madison stares down Catalina and chases her until she fights back. Andrew and Danielle are at a loss when it comes to stopping the dogs. Vocal commands simply won’t work. When the dogs get into that zone, they won’t listen to anything. They can only stop the fights by pulling them apart, or letting the fight run its course. One of the couple’s main concerns is that Chihuahua mix Sasha has recently started jumping into the brawls. With two pugnacious pugs and a Chihuahua mix champing at the bit, the Anderson’s are in desperate need of Cesar’s help. Will Cesar be able to quiet this quarrelsome duo and keep Sasha out of the ring?

The Life of Ryan

After their son Ryan’s relentless campaigning for a puppy, Kris and Lisa Alesna finally gave in and purchased Boston Terrier Bella from a local breeder. At first, Bella was a great puppy and it was an easy transition. She was house trained very quickly and passed a puppy training course. Unfortunately, as she grew older, Bella’s hyperactive personality started to create some tension with Ryan. As soon as Ryan wakes up in the morning, he is tormented by Bella. Wherever Ryan is, Bella will go straight for him. She’ll bite at his feet, or, if he’s on the couch with a blanket, she pulls his blanket off. She’ll continue biting at his pants, shoes, and backpack to the point that Ryan will get up on the table to avoid her. Ryan has had enough. He’s fed up with her constant attacks and is no longer interested in participating with the dog. Kris and Lisa would love for Ryan’s relationship with Bella to be healthy again, so they call in Cesar to put some fun into this dysfunctional relationship.

The Five-Legged Terror

Rocky, a Miniature Pinscher, spent the first year of his life in a dog pound in Mississippi. Unfortunately, no one wanted to adopt the freakish five-legged dog. But, when Todd Ray, owner of the Venice Beach Freak Show heard the news, he knew he had the perfect home for Rocky, additional appendage and all. Rocky joined Todd, his wife Danielle, and their two kids, Asia and Phoenix, and immediately showed his appreciation by biting every single one of them. On the Venice boardwalk, Rocky seems normal compared to the two-headed snake and the sword swallower, but his aggression toward passers-by makes for a different kind of show-stopping act. He tries to bite anyone that approaches him or moves by too fast. In the heart of “dogtown,” skateboarders are a constant challenge. Despite his vicious temper, the family loves Rocky, if only he were more people friendly. Can Cesar tame this monstrous freak of nature, or will Rocky continue to let his freak flag fly?

Season 5 | Episode 17 | Roscoe

When Jorge Huerta first laid eyes on six month old Akita Roscoe, the dog was running around the backyard and seemed like a normal, happy puppy. When the dog was brought into the house, however, Roscoe showed a deep fear and refused to approach Jorge. Jorge was won over nonetheless and brought the dog home to his family. From the very beginning, Roscoe has refused to go outside the family’s property.The only exception is if they accidently leave the front gate open and he can sneak out. No one from the family can be standing near the gate or in eye sight and even then, Roscoe will quickly return to the yard. Now, two years later, Roscoe remains extremely fearful of the outside. Jorge’s nephew, Robert, is the only one who can consistently put the leash on him. Once the leash is on, Roscoe will freeze and if Jorge tries to pull him to make him walk, Roscoe will frantically pull away and try to loosen the collar to free himself. Because of his fear, Roscoe has never gone for a walk. Cesar is called in to teach Roscoe to walk Cesar’s way.

Season 5 | Episode 18 | Harley, Annabelle and Memphis

Debbie Ruggiero fell in love with Harley when she spotted the 18 month old Yellow Lab mix in a kennel at the Spirit to be Free animal sanctuary. Out of the kennel, he was out of control but Debbie couldn’t bear to leave him there. She took him home and surprised her parents Pearl and Joe; they were less than thrilled.It’s not uncommon to wake up and find that Harley has dug up the lawn or un-potted some plants. If Debbie is facing Harley, he’ll jump up to her face. Worst of all, after Harley jumps on Debbie, he humps her. Debbie has tried to put her knee up and block Harley but it doesn’t help. Even when Debbie is sitting down, Harley will try to hump her. Debbie has tried to correct Harley by lying him down on the side, but all Harley does is wriggle around and playfully bite on her arm. It’s all she can do to pry him off her. Debbie’s parents can’t understand why Debbie would put up with Harley, but she’s not willing to give up. Can Cesar calm this revved up Harley?

Season 5 | Episode 19 | Khia, Boo, Jack, Mafia, and Grady

Cesar Millan is an avid promoter of balance in the workplace, but when he comes across ad agency TBWA/CHIAT/DAY, he finds three dogs unwilling to play by the rules. Alice Pavlisko needs help with her Terrier/Shepherd mix Mafia who is less than welcoming to strangers. Michael Pourmohsen is constantly worried that his Miniature Pinscher/Chihuahua mix Jack will lash out at the other employees and dogs at the agency.Lastly, banished Rottweiler mix Grady is looking for a second chance to rejoin her owner Romy Flint at work. Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan travels to TBWA/Chiat/Day, the eighth largest advertising company in the world, in the hopes that he can help dog friendly office promote balance.

Pick Up Truck Dogs

To walk their bordier collie mixes Khia and Boo, Shawn and Phaedra Glidden load them into the back of their truck and take them to a nearby trail. They feel it’s worth the effort, and much safer than walking on their busy, narrow street. The dogs jump into the truck just fine and are calm when Shawn hooks them up to the safety leash. However, once the truck is started, Khia starts to pace and gets excited. At this point, she is unresponsive to vocal commands. She barks and barks and stresses Shawn and Phaedra to no end. Phaedra worries that Shawn pays too much attention to the dogs and not enough to the road. The Glidden’s would love to learn how to make Khia relax in the truck. Cesar offers the Gliddens three simple steps to a calmer, stress free travel package.

Season 5 | Episode 20 | Miles and Maxie & Border

Former Guns N’ Roses and current Velvet Revolver drummer, Matt Sorum and his girlfriend Ace Harper live in the Hollywood Hills with their tenacious ten month old French bulldog Miles. Since they got him, Matt and Ace have become increasingly concerned with Miles’ behavior toward other dogs. At the first sight of any dog, Miles goes right for the jugular.The couple feels he hasn’t been properly socialized and they’ve tried working with him at the dog park. As soon as they arrive, Miles immediately runs after the other dogs and tries to bite them, causing Matt and Ace to flee for the hills. Matt and Ace are hoping that Cesar can teach them how to correct Miles’ dog aggression, but can Cesar get Miles drumming to a different beat?

The Perfect Pitbull Dilemma

Jaime Luna and his sister, Marcela, live together with Jaime’s two dogs, a 2 ½ year old pitbull Maxie and 2 year old American bulldog Booker, and until recently, Marcela’s 10 year old Bichon Frise named Easy. Both Jaime and his sister have Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, a genetic disorder that has confined them to wheelchairs. Despite his disability, Jaime is vigilant in ensuring his dogs get the exercise and training they need. The canines are even therapy dogs that visit children in hospitals through the Love on 4 Paws program. One day Maxie got into a fight with Marcela’s dog Easy and killed her. Since then, Maxie has been kicked out of Love on 4 Paws and a rift has formed between Jaime and his sister. Jaime hopes that Cesar can clear Maxie’s name and help Marcela see that Maxie isn’t a killer. Can Cesar patch up this fraternal pair and get Maxie back in the volunteering program?

Heather and Chris Rupp got Annabelle when she was 10 weeks old from an Australian Shepherd breeder. Annabelle was the couple’s first dog and wanting thing to start out right, they enrolled her in puppy classes. Twice. From the beginning, Annabelle showed her excitability and whininess around other dogs. Heather and Chris tried to socialize Annabelle, but her whining and shrieking always caused other dogs to react in a negative way. When they take Annabelle to an off-leash dog park, she will run from group to group, trying to herd the dogs. She also runs to the gate and cause fights with new dogs entering the park. Walks, runs, and simply going to the beach have become very difficult due to Annabelle’s behavior. Heather & Chris have tried a variety of methods to break Annabelle of this terrible squealing, but have had zero success. They are truly at a loss with Annabelle. Can Cesar keep Annabelle from being socially awkward?

Counter Surfer

When Greg and Karen Cowell adopted their Weimaraner Memphis they were hoping he was over his peculiar eating disorder – scarfing everything in sight! Memphis had already had two surgeries to remove blockages before he came to live with the Cowells. As a professional counter surfer, Memphis’ insatiable appetite will devour any culinary creation left on the counter. If they turn their backs or leave the kitchen for just a second, Memphis scouts for food. He has even been known to lick dirty dishes soaking in soapy water. The Cowells have used squirt bottles, magazines, and mousetraps, but nothing seems to deter his determination. Karen’s dream outcome is to have Memphis stay out of the kitchen when he is commanded to do so. She also hopes that he will obey them when food is present and the family is eating. Cesar comes in to help give this wily Weimaraner some boundaries.

Season 5 | Episode 21 | Maxwell, Brooklyn, and Tipper

Sabrina Peukert fell in love with her Welsh Sealyham Terrier Maxwell’s cocky attitude. But Sabrina’s constant catering to Maxwell has gotten her nothing but two and a half years of pompous dominance. Giving affection to Maxwell is always on his terms.When Maxwell is sitting on the couch or the chair, Sabrina has to ask him for permission to sit down.When he finally lets her sit, he will lay on her and growl, occasionally snapping if she tries to move. He won’t even let Sabrina sing and dance in her home. Sabrina isn’t as worried about her safety as much as she is for her 10 year old daughter, Shannon’s. Cesar Millan comes in to dethrone Maxwell and reinstate Sabrina to her rightful place as pack leader.

Kid Flippin’ Mastiff

Woody Diaz and Balinda Ballinger live with Brooklyn, their high energy, 15 month old English Mastiff. When Woody and Balinda have guests, Brooklyn gets very excited, shooting down the couple’s driveway to greet the visitors. Balinda’s sister Lacretia and her three children like to come for visits, but the children are terrified of Brooklyn and her over-excited welcomes. Balinda’s nephew Michael has even been flipped into the air because of Brooklyn’s charging personality. Balinda and Woody would like Cesar to show them how to gain control of their dog at home, but can Cesar muster the strength to master this Mastiff?

Cesar’s 6 Step Plan for Calm Walks

The first time Pam Ovlen took Tipper, her Tibetan Terrier, out for a walk, she was in shock. At the first sight of a dog, Tipper went crazy. She squirmed, flipped, and made a horrible, screeching noise. Tipper performs this routine every time Pam comes across another dog on the walk. It doesn’t matter if the dog is on the street or behind a fence. Tipper goes nuts. The only thing Pam is able to do is drag Tipper away as fast as possible. She’s tried treats and making her sit, but it’s completely useless. Pam’s daughter Ashley tried to help, but even the two of them together are no match for the Tibetan terrier. Pam needs Cesar’s expertise to create a new routine for walking Tipper. Can Cesar trade this tradition in for a calmer experience?

Season 5 | Episode 22 | Optimus & Gigi and Sissy

John & Maria Hiney went to a reputable breeder when picking out their next two dogs in a long line of Great Danes. But in hindsight, they felt they overlooked a significant omen when viewing the pups. The female, Gigi, behaved perfectly, but when John entered the kennel, the seven month old male, Optimus, bit him on the leg. The couple took both dogs home anyway, and within the first week, Optimus had bitten their neighbor.A couple weeks later, Optimus bit a family friend of the Hineys in the house. The pattern continued, and now at nineteen months, Optimus’ list of victims has grown. The Hineys hired a trainer, but none has been able to curb Optimus’ prime problem. John and Maria worry that they made a mistake adopting Optimus, but they have fallen in love with him nonetheless. Can Cesar transform Optimus’ snappy attitude into that of a more loving dog?

Agoura Animal Shelter

Four year old Sissy, a shepherd mix, was one of 104 dogs involved in a hoarding scandal in Palmdale, California. The dogs were found living in a feces- and urine-stained home that was declared unfit for habitation. Fifty-seven of the dogs were impounded and many of those were euthanized due to medical or behavior issues. Somehow, Sissy survived and wound up at the Agoura Animal Shelter. While the shelter has a very high adoption rate, they have yet to find a home for the fearful Sissy. Whenever someone enters her cage, she submissively pees. She often bolts for the door and if she’s on the leash, she’ll run to the end of it in an attempt to get away. She has never been comfortable around humans or other dogs and does not seem to enjoy physical affection. Volunteer Rob Lerner has made it his goal to find a home for Sissy, but he can’t do it without Cesar’s help.


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