‘The Dog Whisperer With Cesar Millan’ Season 6 Episode Guide

Season 6 | Episode 1 | Junior, Marley, Angel, and Mr. President

In fifteen years, Daddy has proven to be the perfect dog, obeying Cesar’s every command and even assisting Cesar on some of his hardest cases. But Daddy, like all dogs, began his training as a puppy. In this special, Cesar decides to raise four different breeds with different breed-related characteristics to show people how any dog can be shaped into the perfect dog.Marley the happy-go-lucky yellow Labrador, Angel the show quality Miniature Schnauzer, Mr. President the affable English Bulldog, and Daddy’s protégé, Junior the blue Pit Bull, all make up Cesar’s puppy pack. Cesar points out critical stages during the puppies’ development and fulfills the each puppy’s inborn traits. By starting these puppies on the right paw, Cesar illustrates how to create a cohesive pack and gives tips on curbing unwanted behaviors before they start. With the special, and Cesar’s book of the same name, everyone will see how easy it is to raise the perfect dog, just like Daddy.

Season 6 | Episode 2 | Hardy

At Shelly Dale’s hair salon in Newport Beach, California, clients can get a hair-do, and a little hair of the dog, too. Shelly’s French Bulldog Hardy cultivated a pampered life in the salon, but at two years, almost to the day, Hardy began snapping at strangers when they approached him.A faithful client was bitten and what started as an isolated incident, escalated to include more victims.Shelly and her husband Tadd McCalmont hired a trainer, but haven’t been able to overcome Hardy’s people aggression. Now at the age of three, Hardy is banished to a secluded corner of the salon and his snappy attitude has spread to Shelly and Tadd’s home. Cesar walks in to take a little off the top and shave off some of Hardy’s hairy demeanor.

Season 6 | Episode 3 | Yogi & Smokey, Pekaso, and Valentino

As an artist on the rise, Daniel Maltzman relies on inspiration, but he can’t inspire his 1 ½ year old Pekingese, Pekaso, to eat or drink. Pekaso refuses to eat any kind of dog food, top shelf or not. Nothing Daniel does seems to make a difference. Pekaso also has issues when it comes to drinking her water.She gets freaked out by the ripples in the dish and has gotten so dehydrated that Daniel has had to take her to the vet. The only one who has made any progress with the dog is Daniel’s friend Brendi Blackburn, who has some dog problems of her own. Her five-year-old Chihuahua, Valentino, was rescued from a neglectful and potentially abusive home. Now, it seems he has taken a vengeance and started biting those that come near Brendi. Daniel and Brendi have joined forces to summon Cesar to help create new lives for their dogs. Can Cesar play muse and inspire these two to become true pack leaders?

Blood Brothers

When Claudia Imson and her family finally moved into a house, she was able to get dogs. Thinking they were above sibling rivalry, Claudia picked two Chow mix brothers, Yogi and Smokey. Her boyfriend David advised against this, but she couldn’t be persuaded. For the first six months, neither dog exhibited any aggression. Then, a switch flipped in Yogi. For no apparent reason, he started to pick fights with the usually submissive Smokey. Of course, Smokey wouldn’t go down without a fight. Oddly enough, the dogs only fight indoors. Outside, they get along fine and walk together without incident. Once the fights start, Claudia or David do their best to pull them apart and separate them. To avoid the fights now, Claudia no longer allows the dogs inside the home. If it’s raining and the dogs have to be inside, she’ll keep one in her bedroom and the other in the bathroom. This works temporarily; however, Claudia is looking for a long term solution, and that’s where Cesar comes in.

Season 6 | Episode 4 | Cujo and Molly

In 2006, Mary Jane Lach noticed a dog chained up across the street from her house. He was clearly neglected, so she started sneaking him food. Despite being named Cujo, he was great with her, and she eventually introduced her grandkids to him without incident.She became acquainted with the owner, who offered the dog to her. For awhile, things were fine. Then, Cujo started living up to his namesake, lunging at his vet and eventually Mary Jane’s roommate Greg. His human aggression has gotten so out of hand that experts have even recommended putting him to sleep. Greg is always on guard at home and Mary must constantly be aware of Cujo’s whereabouts in the house. Can Cesar remake this horror story?

A Bad Impression

When Ellen Thompson and Dave Nemetz decided to get their first dog as a couple, they chose a rescue named Molly, a 3-year old Jack Russell terrier mix. After arriving in her new home, Molly’s fear-based aggression wasn’t far behind. She will charge and bark at other dogs, men, women, and children. She doesn’t bite; she just wants to chase them away. Ellen works in a dog friendly environment and she would really like to bring Molly to the art gallery where she works, rather than leaving her home all day. However, Molly barks at anyone entering the gallery, which is not good for business. Ellen hopes Cesar can help Molly make a better impression at the gallery and display her finer qualities.

Season 6 | Episode 5 | Madeliene, Sara, and Seven

Life coach and Biggest Loser fitness trainer Jillian Michaels was in heaven after adopting Seven, a 14 month old greyhound mix. But when the avid horseback rider brought Seven to the equestrian center where she rides, Seven’s good manners went to hell.When Jillian mounts her 2,000 pound horse Buzz, the 16 pound Seven circles the horse and barks incessantly. Seven then gets underneath Buzz and tries to nip him. Jillian continually shouts commands, but Seven doesn’t seem to hear a thing. Jillian is afraid Seven will get hurt or accidentally killed by Buzz or one of the other horses. She also worries that Seven will spook a horse, causing a person to fall off. Cesar rides in to help train this trainer and convince Seven to lose her equine animosity.

The Hairy Houdini

Austin and Karrie Pittman adopted Sara, a German Shorthaired Pointer, when she was six months old. She led a miserable existence before the Pittmans, but with them, she seemed right at home. She got along with their older dog Trigger, and adjusted happily with the addition of their younger dog Jack. One day while the Pittmans were running errands, they got a call from the neighbors informing them that Sara was on the roof next door. This was the first of many calls reporting Sara’s daring escape antics. The Pittmans confined her indoors only to find that Sara would destroy their furniture, walls, doors, and even doorknobs. She could even escape the sturdiest of crates. Austin and Karrie have had to completely rearrange their lives to keep their dog from destroying their house and injuring herself. The couple hopes that Cesar can show them what they are doing wrong and help restrain Sara’s disappearing act.

The Little Wiper Snapper

Like most Dog Whisperer cases, Brittany Carr’s 3-year-old Yorkshire Terrier Madeliene started off normal. But now that she’s older, she has developed an aversion to an array of peculiar objects. Madeliene is not a fan of the common, household broom. Whenever someone reaches for the broom, the tiny Yorkie starts growling. Once they have gone into full cleaning mode, Madeliene unleashes her fury and chases after the broom, barking and biting at it. But Madeliene’s most intense reactions take place in the car whenever the windshield wipers turn on. She attacks them with all of her might, thrashing back and forth, front seat to back seat, to get to them through the glass. She has even tried to attack the wipers of approaching cars. Sweeping and driving have now become dangerous tasks when Madeliene is around. Can Cesar stop this Yorkie from driving the Carrs crazy?

Season 6 | Episode 6 | Lorelei, Angel & Bear

German Shepherd Angel came to owners Joe and Sandra Carrick in December 2004, and Bear, another German Shepherd, arrived in April 2005. They were affectionate with each other and there was no sign of any discord between them. However, when the Carricks first took the dogs to daycare, they noticed that Angel would try to dominate Bear, and he would submit almost immediately.After about a year, there was an incident where Bear decided he wasn’t going to take it anymore. The two dogs got into a huge fight and Angel had to be taken to the vet. Now, whenever the German Shepherds arrive at the daycare, or leave, they lunge at each other, determined to draw blood. While Angel and Bear are fine at home, their daycare tantrums are very traumatic to Sandra and the staff of the facility. Will Cesar dare to turn this daycare dilemma into a daycare dream?

Lonesome with Lorelei

Francine & Michael Markow got Miniature Schnauzer Lorelei from a breeder when the dog was 13-weeks old. They were excited to share their new puppy with their three, young grandchildren, Hannah, Lily, and Megan. They introduced Lorelei to the children, carefully supervising when they played with the dog, but soon the dog began barking when the children would run around, squeal, shout, or play rough with each other. Over the course of three years, each of the grandchildren had an incident with the dog that left them in tears. Now, the children’s parents refuse to bring the kids over to the Markow’s residence. It’s been two years since the young trio has been to visit their grandparents in their home. Francine and Michael love their children and grandchildren and really miss having them in their home for family gatherings. They don’t want to give up Lorelei, but they wish that their family were more willing to work on the problem instead of avoiding it. Can Cesar unite this divided pack?

Season 6 | Episode 7 | Willow, Bonnie and Jack

First, Cesar meets with strength and conditioning coach Paul Watson. Though Paul is in charge of training Australia’s finest athletes, he cannot seem to teach his Great Dane Willow not to jump and bite. Cesar attempts to whittle down Willow’s wild side.

Then, a traumatic experience at the dog park has rendered the Lewis’s Bearded Collie Bonnie severely dog aggressive. Cesar is called in to return peace to this once happy home. Finally, the once tiny Dogue du Bordeaux Jack has become a 150-pound mouthing menace! Bruised and exasperated owner Joanna Kelly has asked Cesar to help her find a long term solution.

Season 6 | Episode 8 | Sydney, Vincent and Astro

Cesar begins by meeting with the Roches, Morgan and Amanda. Their appropriately named Weimaraner Sydney has been unusually aggressive toward Australia’s mail carriers (Posties) ever since the Roches witnessed a Postie beating Sydney with a stick 2 years ago.Cesar pulls out all the stops to stamp out Sydney’s postie phobia. Then, 4-year-old dog- and human-aggressive Shar-Pei Vincent is giving owner David a difficult time in his attempts to get him socialized. In Cesar versus Vincent, who will come out on top? Finally, consistent walking has not been enough to bring an end to Alison Clark’s Australian Red Cattle Dog Astro’s seven year barking streak. Can Cesar build Alison up as a better pack leader?

Season 6 | Episode 9 | Peanut & Chico, Leroy Brown, and Tucker

Chihuahuas Peanut and Chico are having trouble with their long-distance relationship. Since Chico left for college with owner Pauline Mercado’s daughter Christine, the two dogs’ reunions have been vicious battles for supremacy. Pauline and Christine are hoping that the two dogs can learn to live in harmony again.

Can Cesar pacify these problematic pooches? Then, Brooke Wilson’s dog Leroy Brown’s refusal to let Brooke’s boyfriend Marc leave the house without a loud production has led to him become more excitable in everyday life. With some help from Cesar, Brooke and Marc hope to transform their bad dog into a good, good Leroy Brown. And finally, Humane Society rescue Tucker is a dog with a drinking problem: he is neurotically obsessed with moving water. His obsession has led to dangerous medical issues, and owners Kelly Perry and Rob Oberdorfer are hoping that Cesar can curb Tucker’s love for the drink.

Season 6 | Episode 10 | Cesar Revisits Most Dangerous Cases

Cesar revisits some of his toughest cases and explores the facts and the fictions behind some of world’s most misunderstood breeds.

Any dog can become aggressive, but several powerful breeds seem to have developed unfortunate reputations as the world’s most dangerous dogs. These reputations are perpetuated by negative headlines in news media across the country – a pit bull attacks two adults and one child in Dallas, a pet shepherd attacks its owners, a Labrador kills a two-year-old, and a Pomeranian kills a 6-week-old girl in Los Angeles. Some of these breeds have even been banned in certain areas of the country. In a Dog Whisperer poll, over 10,000 viewers voted for what they thought were the most aggressive breeds. The viewers have made their choice, but what will Cesar have to say on the matter?

Season 6 | Episode 11 | Daisy Mae, Mobster, Tank, and Spike

Long-time friend Dr. Rick Garcia has been there for Cesar Millan through routine sterilization procedures and emergency calls, but now he needs Cesar’s help!

Terrier mix Daisy Mae has epilepsy and requires regular exams, but has developed a case of fearful aggression towards the vet staff; aggressive Shih Tzu Mobster needs blood work done; and fear has kept Rottweiler Tank from ever receiving his adult vaccinations. Later in this episode, Salamand and Marjan Rassibi are concerned that their Siberian Husky Spike’s hyperactive nipping and jumping will harm their children, Josh and Sara, or the visiting neighborhood kids. These days, Spike spends most of his days in the backyard, viewable only through the sliding glass door. Can Cesar help reunite the Rassibis with the balanced family dog they always wanted?

Season 6 | Episode 12 | Desperate Housedogs

A once peaceful cul-de-sac is full of tension. Susanne’s German shepherd bullies other dogs. Nancy and John’s huskies are impossible to control on walks. Eleanore’s spaniel/mastiff mix snaps at other dogs. Can Cesar curb the Desperate Housedog drama?

Season 6 | Episode 13 | Tigger and Dan

Cesar comes in to help twins with their Chihuahua-Pomeranian mix that bites. A Labrador retriever quickly takes to training to become a hunting dog but has a growing aggressive streak.

Season 6 | Episode 14 | Cobar and Chase

Cesar takes a trip to Australia to help Susan, who runs a dog toy company, quiet her Koolie, Cobar’s fear of squeaky toys. Cesar steps through the looking glass to help a Shar-pei mix who lunges at his own reflection in mirrors.

Season 6 | Episode 15 | Tillie and Leo

A rehabilitated wheaten terrier mix named Tillie, grows overly attached to art collector Joel. When Jacqueline and Manny’s Shar-pei, Leo, killed a neighbor’s Maltese, the couple was forced to choose between giving up their condo or giving up Leo.


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