‘The Dog Whisperer With Cesar Millan’ Season 8 Episode Guide

Season 8 | Episode 1 | Why Dogs Fight

Why would two well-behaved and personable dogs suddenly and violently attack each other? Cesar reveals how dogs communicate through their energy and body language, to help resolve a potentially disastrous situation. Two Jack Russell terriers, Ruby and Jinx, have lived together for years but have begun fighting aggressively every time they are anywhere near each other. Their owner, Sandy Hill, has rearranged her life to keep the two dogs separated at all times.

Season 8 | Episode 2 | Bull-Whipped

Cesar steps in to confront a schoolyard bully who is terrorizing doggy day care. At their best, bulldogs are calm, loveable and dignified dogs that make for amazingly loyal companions. At their worst, they can be brutish and stubborn. Cesar travels to Santa Barbara to meet Hugo, a 3-year-old bulldog with a major mean streak. After a full day with him, Cesar realizes there is no quick fix for Hugo’s aggression, so it’s off to rehab at Cesar’s Dog Psychology Center. Then Cesar heads to UCLA, where he meets Crusty, a bulldog expelled after one day in doggy day care who now must overcome his dominance issues if he’s ever going to graduate at the top of his class.

Season 8 | Episode 3 | Mascot Mayhem

Cesar is called upon to whip a hyperactive pooch into shape so she can be the perfectly behaved mascot for a dog-friendly café. Stella, a young bulldog with behavior issues, isn’t welcome at her owners’ business because she pees on the floor and jumps up on the customers. Cesar brings his calm, assertive energy to help the frantic dog. Cesar also helps a former pro wrestler and her sister deal with some seriously unbalanced miniature Doberman pinschers who snap at everyone, and comes to the aid of a German shepherd who is on the verge of being evicted from his owner’s house because of his incessant barking.

Season 8 | Episode 4 | Army Brats

Cesar reports for duty at Fort Hood, Texas, to help members of the U.S. Army and their families. Though the army has a reputation for strict discipline and following orders, that isn’t always the case with military dogs! Cesar helps Australian shepherd Patches overcome her fear of men in uniform before her owner comes home from deployment. Azzy, a Shetland shepherd, barks nonstop when helicopters and planes fly overhead, a common occurrence at Fort Hood. And Ginger, a miniature bull terrier, needs Cesar’s help to overcome her uncontrollable excitement. One week of Cesar’s boot camp and these dogs will fall in line and march in time.

Season 8 | Episode 5 | Homeboys and Hounds

Cesar helps two former gang members and a young man arrested once for DUI who have found a new path in life through Homeboy Industries — an outreach program designed to break the cycle of gang violence — but who have problem dogs at home. Ray Moreno named his blue-nosed pit bull Monster, and the dog lives up to its name by jumping up on guests and stealing food off the dinner table. Erik Galindo’s three pit bulls — a high-energy male named Smokey, and two females, Roxie and Hazel — are very aggressive and fight constantly. And Sergio Ahumada’s Maltese, Shaggy, is creating messy problems for the whole family at home while also nipping and biting at other people and dogs in the neighborhood.

Season 8 | Episode 6 | Hounded by Fear

Cynophobics, those with an irrational fear of dogs, have 70 million reasons to tune in for this show. That’s the number of dogs registered as pets in the U.S. alone! Cesar brushes up on his people skills while helping dog-fearing humans overcome their phobias and showing them how to alleviate their anxiety when they are around dogs. Even though Tom Voda has to deal with dogs nearly every day as a professional pool man, he will leave a job site if he finds there’s a dog loose in someone’s backyard. And Melody Salvatore was bitten by a dog at age 11 and has been afraid of dogs ever since. Melody was horrified to learn that the ring bearer in her sister’s upcoming wedding will have four paws and a tail.

Season 8 | Episode 7 | Home Wrecking Hounds

It’s the 150th episode of Dog Whisperer, and love has gone to the dogs! Cesar visits newlyweds Justin and Jeanine Buller, whose two dogs, Lucy, a Jack Russell terrier, and Betty, a Chihuahua mix, are wreaking havoc on their love nest. Cesar then lends a hand to Michael Hurwitz and his girlfriend Corey, who met online and feel nervous about introducing their dogs — an aggressive German shepherd named Roxy and a dominant Bouvier des Flandres named Frankie. Will love bark eternal or has Cupid’s arrow missed the mark? Only the “Love Whisperer” Cesar Millan has magic potion number K-9 to help these couples get their groove back.

Season 8 | Episode 8 | High Anxiety

Cesar takes on three dogs whose obsessions have led to a disquieting life for both the canines and their owners. Obsessive dogs are some of his most challenging cases because he must assess a dog’s psychology, not just correct a behavior. Cesar works with Ringo, a pointer mix with an obsessive fixation on pinecones. Abbie, an Australian shepherd, whines loudly every time somebody turns on the vacuum, opens the junk drawer or pours wine through an aerator. And Jäger, a chocolate Lab, gets so excited in the car that it has become too dangerous to take him anywhere. Obsessions manifest in physical action, but they are rooted in a dog’s mind, which Cesar must enter in order to address the problem.

Season 8 | Episode 9 | Pack Leaders in Training

Cesar has always believed that kids are more receptive to his training methods and often succeed in getting a dog to behave faster than most adults can. With this in mind, he flies two lucky young fans, Jessica Hernandez from Vancouver, British Columbia, and Rachel Heidtman from Franklin, Ohio, to California so they can watch him use his techniques in person as young “Dog Whisperers” in training! First, they meet a small Australian shepherd/Chihuahua mix, aptly named Fuzzy Monster Truck, whose outsized personality causes problems whenever strangers are around. Then they work with Sony, a red-nosed pit bull mix who experiences high anxiety when the boat she lives on encounters rough water.

Season 8 | Episode 10 | Hounds from Hell

Pet adoption is a cause close to Cesar’s heart, so he lends his support to rescue dog owners being terrorized by “hounds from hell.” Terrier mix Sammy cries and screams whenever he passes a skateboarder or a larger dog while on a walk. Sahzi, a Belgian Tervuren, has shown odd behavior ever since her adoption. She won’t go down certain hallways in her house and avoids the kitchen entirely. Cesar helps Sammy and Sahzi become happy adoptees and then lends a hand to first-time dog owner Leis Rachal and her daughter Asha McClendon, who want to choose the perfect dog to adopt. Cesar shares some tips to help ensure the adoption is a successful match for all.

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